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House Building

Housing / Houses Of Poor
Paid Remaining
23,800.00 QAR 65,100.00 QAR

House Building
Country : Senegal
building Poor Houses: Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom.


Beneficiaries Number


Implementation Period

12 Periodic


88,900   QAR

Project Description

building Poor Houses: Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathroom.

Project Goals

Provide decent housing for the poor and the needy and low-income people. - Support the governments efforts in the fight against the chaotic and improper housing. - To contribute to the social development and the fight against poverty

Project Justifications

Needs of many poor families to adequate housing. - The inability of poor families to build a house depending on their own resources. - The high proportion of buildings in the cities as a result of the chaotic built after exodus of those who can not afford to build decent housing

Expected Results

Provide decent housing for poor families. - Improving the standard of living of the beneficiaries.

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