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Jamii Al Hadith App

Besides the Holy Quran, Hadith (the sayings of the prophet Mohammed peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) plays a significant role in Islam, as it clarifies, explains and helps Muslims have a better understanding of their religion. Jamii Al Hadith App is designed with the intention of having the sayings of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on our phones to accompany and guide us on a daily basis.

All Books

Jamii Al Hadith App encompasses 9 Hadith books including Sahih Al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Abu Da'ud, Al-Tirmidhi, Al-Nasa'I, Ibn Majah, Muwatta Imam Malik, Sunan al-Darimi, and Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal.


Unlike many Hadith applications, Jamii Al Hadith functions to make the user experience in terms of search as easy and comfortable as possible. The app comes out with many features including: * Indexing: All Hadiths are displayed according to their order in the original nine books. * Numbering: All Hadiths are numbered according to their numbering in the original nine books. * Attribution: Every Hadith is attributed to its original book. * Display: Every Hadith is separately displayed while you can enable the zoom in/out feature. * Browsing: With its swift readability, you can easily browse the app. * Search: The app comes out with a search engine where you can use keywords to look for specific Hadiths. * Sharing: You can also share one/multiple Hadiths on different social media platforms.


Jamii Al Hadith can also be a form of ceaseless charity (Sadaqa Jariyah) since you can share Hadiths on Social Media platforms with friends, followers, and contacts.


Jamii Al Hadith features a bookmarking tool which helps you save a hadith to study or read later. You can bookmark as many Hadiths as you wish.


Jami Al Hadith features many functions in order to make the reading experience easy, enjoyable and suits all readers. You can customize the font, share content on Social Media, search for a specific hadith and bookmark to read later.

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