Qatar Charity’s convoys commence aid distribution

Qatar Charity’s convoys commence aid distribution to displaced Syrians

2/16/2021 | Media Center

Qatar Charity’s convoys commence aid distribution to displaced Syrians

Qatar Relief Convoys’ organized by Qatar Charity (QC), embarked on the distribution of winter aid. Approximately 267,470 internally displaced Syrians are expected to benefit from the assistance worth nearly 24 million Qatari riyals.

The first consignment of the drive set off from Gaziantep, a city in Turkey, heading to Idlib and the northern and western Aleppo countryside to deliver urgent shelter, food, and winter assistance to the displaced to alleviate their suffering and meet their urgent needs.

The 78 trucks loaded with various winter relief aid include residential caravans, tents, mattresses, blankets, food baskets, and personal hygiene kits, in addition to providing flour for the production and distribution of 5 million bundles of bread.

On this occasion, Qatar Charity thanked the people in Qatar for extending the continued support to the "Warmth and Peace" campaign to help internally displaced Syrians, especially in this challenging time.

Qatar Charity also thanked the Turkish government for facilitating the work of Qatar Charity’s field teams and providing the necessary logistical support to deliver the aid to the displaced within Syria.

The drive, which includes 200 convoys, sets off from Turkey to meet the essential needs of the internally displaced Syrians and Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon from February 15 to March 10.  

As the displaced and refugees are facing a tough situation, Qatar Charity urges benefactors in Qatar to support these convoys to maximize the number of beneficiaries, keeping them warm and meeting their basic needs in this disastrous time, due to the adverse weather conditions.

Benefactors can donate QR 100,000 to provide food, health, and winter aid for 100 families, in addition to donating QR 1000 for the benefit of a refugee family and providing a caravan worth 15,000 for a family.

Donations can be made through Qatar Charity’s collection points, branches, website, and or app, in addition to dialing 44667711 or requesting a ‘home collector’ across the country.