Qatar Charity inaugurates a health center in

Qatar Charity inaugurates a health center in Somalia


In a ceremony attended by Qatari ambassador

Qatar Charity inaugurates a health center in Somalia


Qatar Charity has inaugurated a health center in the Tarkinli, Banadir in Somalia, to provide health care services to 20,000 residents.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Banadir Region, Mr. Omar Mohamed Mahmoud, His Excellency Mr. Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, Ms. Basma Amer Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Banadir for Social Affairs, Tarkanli District Official Mr. Jihad Sheikh Hassan, and the Health Officer of Banadir Region Mohamed Mahmoud Addo, and Mr. Abdel Nour Haj Ali Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia.

In his speech during the ceremony, the Governor of Banadir Region and the Mayor of the capital, Omar Mohamed Mahmoud extended his thanks to the State of Qatar, the government and people, for their support and contribution to help vulnerable segments of Somali society, adding that this center is a great contribution to support the Kawakdi residents and promote their wellbeing.

For his part, HE the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Somalia, Hassan bin Hamza Hashem, praised the brotherly relationship between the two countries, stressing that the State of Qatar is always keen on contributing to building the Somali state through sustainable projects and development of the Somali community, including the Mogadishu-Afgoye road project, and Mogadishu Jawhar.

Likewise,  Ms. Basma Amer Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Banadir for Social Affairs, added that Qatari government and people has stood in solidarity with the Somali people, especially during crises and disasters.

For his part, the Tarkanli district official Jihad Sheikh Hassan expressed his thanks and appreciation to the donors whose donations saved the lives of pregnant mothers, children and the elderly.

 “This project aims to provide health care for residents of the region, and cover the needs identified by the administration of the region to support the health sector which contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of the community members and to lower mortality rates of pregnant women and children under the age of five” Abdul Nour Mursal, Director of Qatar Charity’s office in Somalia.

Health Services

The center will provide various health services including first aid, women and children healthcare services, reproductive health, diagnostic services "x-rays", vaccination, laboratory and health awareness. Qatar Charity has also inagurated health centers in a number of Somali states to support the Somali health sector, in implementation of the agreement signed with the Somali Ministry of Health to deliver health projects in accordance with the sectoral strategy and the ministry's priorities.

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Qatar Charity Supports Al Aqsa

In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Qatar Charity has opened the CT department at Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza and restored its diagnosis department to provide excellent medical services to 300,000 people in the central area in the Gaza Strip. This is a part of "Providing medicines and medical and laboratory supplies to the Palestinian Ministry of Health” project funded by QC at a cost of more than 25 million QR, aiming at restoring Al-Aqsa Hospital to bring it back into perfect use, providing it with the necessary equipment, in addition to alleviating the pain and suffering of the patients and the overcrowded hospitals in Gaza. Humane Allusion Dr. Mahmoud Abu Khalifa, Director of the Sponsorship Program at the Qatar Charity Office in the Gaza Strip, said that what QC has done to help the Al-Aqsa Hospital and rehabilitate a full section of it is such a great humanitarian evidence and support for the health sector in the Gaza Strip. Besides, he pointed out that the reason behind implementing this project is the responsibility for the sick and injured, especially residents of the Central Governorate who have suffered from the lack of advanced diagnostic services, which increased their suffering and endangered their lives, particularly at the times of wars and crises. Abu Khalifa assured that QC's humanitarian mission is to aid the most needy social groups in accordance with the principles of human dignity and social justice. Accordingly, they have been keen to pay particular attention to the needs of patients in areas where there is a lack of Health Services. Full Support He stressed that QC never slacks on giving Palestinians a helping hand. That is to say, he referred to their several achievements in many sectors through QC’s programs, especially those related to the reconstruction program through the Islamic Development Bank. These sectors included health, education and economic empowerment, water and sanitation; agriculture and industry; housing construction, schools, mosques and cultural centers. Moreover, he mentioned that QC is about to offer Al-Aqsa Hospital a new X ray device, within a project which supplies it with many medical devices and spare parts for the broken devices in the Ministry of Health’s hospitals. Beneficent Hands Bassem Naeem, Head of the Health and Environment Sector in the Gaza Strip, expressed his appreciation of QC's achievements in supporting the health sector and thanked the generous hands in Qatar who have been supporting the implementation and financing of the projects that have been a distinct addition to health work, wishing that the good people in Qatar will continue to support such projects in various health fields. Typical Leap Director of Al-Aqsa Hospital, Kamal Khattab, praised the efforts exerted by QC and the Qatari generous benefactors, stressing that the CT scan is a quantum leap for the hospital, which serves a large segment of the people of the central Governorate. "We are grateful to QC for carrying out the projects that support the health sector, especially those that benefited Al-Aqsa Hospital," Khattab stated. He also  hopes they provide more support to serve the sick and the injured groups, in light of the government's deficit in the full coverage of health services due to the lack of potential.  


Qatar Charity opens a dispensa

Qatar Charity’s (QC) office in Somalia, in cooperation with the Benadir Regional Administration (BRA), opened a dispensary in Wadjer, an impoverished neighborhood in Mogadishu and 93,000 needy people are expected to benefit from the health services of the dispensary. The dispensary has been built in this neighborhood, where most of people are poor, suffering from the lack of basic health services, as they are not able to afford the costs of the private hospitals. The dispensary spreads over 300 square meters and is expected to provide the required health services to people, mostly children, women and elderly. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of Somali ministers and local figures, including Abdurahman Yarisow, Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu, who loaded the Qatari donations that contribute to helping the needy in Mogadishu and other Somali areas and providing humanitarian services to them. The ceremony was also attended by H.E Osman Mohamed Abdi (Dalo), Deputy minister of ports and marine resources, who noted the importance of the development and relief projects implemented by Qatar Charity for the benefit of the Somali people. In February, QC’s office in Somalia handed over three ambulances to hospitals in Mogadishu to support the country's health services. The ambulances have been provided at a time when many hospitals in Somalia were suffering from a severe shortage in the patient transport services, especially for urgent cases, as many vehicles were not designed to provide first aid, which had maximized the risk to the lives of many patients. In March, Qatar Charity interacted with the operation of mobile health clinics in Somalia, especially in the southern provinces, which are still ongoing in the field. Medical convoys provide primary health services to the displaced and the poor, especially mothers and children under the age of five. So far, around 27,300 people have benefited from this project. At the end of last year, QC’s office in Somalia handed over medicines and medical supplies to the Mogadishu City Hospital as part of the Emergency Relief Projects for the victims of the bombing to minimize the serious impact of the accident. As Somalia was facing a worsening humanitarian situation, at the beginning of 2017, due to the drought, which caused an increase in the number of displaced persons from 1.1 million to 2.1 million in a few months, Qatar Charity launched a relief intervention for the displaced in the camps. The number of beneficiaries reached more than 27,975 persons in 6 provinces of Somalia through the operation of 15 medical convoys.


Qatar Charity’s clinic brings

Qatar Charity’s clinic brings about change in beneficiaries’ lives in Somalia     Many beneficiaries of the Al-Shifa Clinic, which was established by Qatar Charity (QC) in 2018 in the Yaqshid District of Somalia, expressed their satisfaction with the medical services they receive free of charge. Before the clinic was set up by Qatar Charity, the 150,000 inhabitants of Yaqshid did not have an easy access to health services, as they had to walk long distances to benefit from primary care services and medical treatment. However, the situation changed when Qatar Charity built the clinic.  Mrs. Fatima Muhammad Ali recalls the problematic health situation in the area before the clinic was established as she says "We had to walk a long distance to receive health services for our children.” She noted that the free health services and medicines provided by the clinic contributed to the improvement of health conditions of the local people, thanking the benefactor in Qatar for supporting the needy and poor. Mrs. Maida Issa Kahwi, a mother of seven, said that she was not able to bear the costs of treatment and medicines. She is now delighted with free health services she receives for her children from the clinic. The health care services and free medical treatment provided by the Al-Shifa clinic have contributed to enhancing healthcare services in the area and reducing morbidity and mortality rates among mothers and children under five years.   The 600sq m clinic consists of 11 rooms, a waiting area, an outpatient clinic, a maternity room, patient rooms, a pharmacy, a doctor’s room and a laboratory. It provides health services, medical consultations and free medicines to patients. The clinic receives daily more than 80 cases.  The clinic has benefited 36,000 patients since its inception until the mid-2020.   It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity implements various health and medical projects in Somalia, such as building clinics, organizing medical caravans for disaster relief, and providing first aid, giving priority to the neediest areas and people.  Qatar Charity implements these health projects in coordination with the Somali Ministry of Health, Mogadishu University and international organizations.


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