Qatar Charity strives for children’s brighter

Qatar Charity strives for children’s brighter future


Qatar Charity strives to contribute to building a brighter future for orphans and children by implementing various social, educational, and cultural projects for them.

On World Children’s Day, which was marked on November 20, under the theme ‘A better future for every child’, Qatar Charity stated that it has managed to provide comprehensive educational and social care, through its orphan care initiative, to more than 180,000 orphans and children belonging to underprivileged families worldwide.

Qatar Charity is also keen to provide scholarships to orphans and children after they attain the age of 18, so that they can continue their studies. Qatar Charity’s student scholarship has helped many orphans and students emerge academically toppers and hold significant positions.

Qatar Charity has sponsored 4,032 students this year. The number of sponsored teachers has so far reached 2,783.  

Qatar Charity attaches significant attention to the education sector across the globe. It implemented 2,588 projects in the field of education and culture during 2020-2021, benefiting more than 985,000 people

The implemented projects include building and running schools, improving the level of education, and carrying out the maintenance of educational facilities, in addition to integrating those with special needs in different schools.

Somalia as a model

By sponsoring orphans and students, Qatar Charity has a very significant presence in many countries of the world, including Somalia. Since Qatar Charity’s office opened in Mogadishu, the number of those sponsored has reached 2,891 students and 33,990 orphans. The number of university graduates, who received Qatar Charity’s sponsorship, is 1800.

In Somalia, many of students sponsored by Qatar Charity have carried out very well academic performance. Mogadishu University president Ibrahim Muhammad Mursal said the students sponsored by Qatar Charity always fared extremely well in various colleges of the university.

Somaya Ali Ahmed, a graduate of economics and administrative sciences, said: “One of my dreams came true thanks to the benefactors in Qatar who considered me as one of their children, taking care of me and extending material and moral support to me."

“I am very grateful to Qatar Charity and the sponsors in Qatar for extending educational support to me,” said Nafsa Ahmed, a blind girl. She passed the secondary school examination with distinction marks, and decided to join Mogadishu University for her undergraduate study. She aspires to continue her study until obtaining a doctorate.

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