Qatar Charity distributes winter aid to displaced

Qatar Charity distributes winter aid to displaced Syrians


Qatar Charity teams inside Syria distributed the first batches of aid for its "Warmth and Peace" campaign to face the dangers of winter in several camps for displaced Syrians in the countryside of Aleppo and Idlib governorates.

  The aid included heaters, charcoal, and food baskets, benefiting 12,500 people from the neediest families, this aid is part of the first convoy of winter aid.

In the coming days, more humanitarian aid convoys will be sent as part of the continued distribution of aid for the "Warmth and Peace" campaign for the 2021-2022 season.

Food baskets and heaters

Camp residents who are facing a difficult winter considered that the aid came at the very appropriate time.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Hamad, a resident of a camp in Idlib, said : “Before the arrival of Qatar Charity’s aid, I was not able to provide and install a heater for my family, despite the extreme cold".

Mr. Khaled Al-Hoyan, director of Al-Tali’a camp, said that Al-Tali’a camp suffers from difficult living conditions, and the suffering of the displaced residents of the camp is more severe in the winter season.

  He said that most of the camp's residents were unable to install heaters until Qatar Charity provided them, due to their difficult financial conditions and he expressed his thanks to the people of Qatar and Qatar Charity.

The following camps benefited from the winter aid that was distributed in the countryside of Aleppo: (Matnli camp - Al-Sator camp - car office camp - Al-Tanak factory camp - amusement park - Sheikh Al-Hadid city - Aranda village - Sheikh Al-Hadid) and in the countryside of Idlib governorate: (Al-Tali’a camp - Kalli - Al-Musa camp - Abd Al-Rahman camp - Babsaka - Al-Zaytoun camp - Kfarehmol).

The materials distributed included heaters (300 heaters), charcoal (300 tons), at a rate of 250 kg per family, and the number of beneficiaries reached 1200 families (6500 beneficiaries), and the aid included food baskets (1100 food baskets). Consisting of the most important food items needed by families, and the number of beneficiaries reached more than 6000.

Campaign support

Qatar Charity campaign “Warmth and Peace” aims to assist 1.4 million people in 18 countries around the world.

You can donate to the campaign through the website or through Qatar Charity application or contact the customer service center 44667711.

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