Educational projects and continuous support for a

Educational projects and continuous support for a better future for orphans


Qatar Charity supports university education for poor students and orphans, whether through sponsorships or educational projects and facilities.

The number of Qatar Charity sponsored students have reached 4,032 during this year 2021, and 2,783 teachers in needy areas.

Supporting students in Somalia

Somalia is a qualitative model for Qatar Charity in the field of student sponsorship, as the number of sponsored students since the establishment of the Qatar Charity office in Mogadishu has reached 2,891, while the number of sponsored students who have graduated from the university so far has reached 1,800.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Morsal, President of Mogadishu University, praised the important role of Qatar Charity in supporting the university by sponsoring dozens of its students and professors to maintain the performance of its mission and achieve its goals.

2476 students and university professors have benefited from this project, and 30 university professors are now benefiting from it.

Today, the students sponsored by Qatar Charity work in all public and private institutions, and the international and local organizations working in Somalia.

Release university degrees in Gaza

Qatar Charity has implemented several projects to "liberate graduate certificates" during the past seven years, benefiting more than 3,330 students from the Gaza Strip distributed over five local universities, with a total value of more than 10 million Qatari riyals.

Hala al-Batsh, a graduate from the northern Gaza Strip, says that she was unable to obtain her university degrees due to her inability to pay dues due to poverty.

Providing housing for students in Bosnia

Qatar Charity has established housing for university students in Sarajevo for the benefit of orphans, in addition to girls from low-income families coming from the countryside to the capital.

The building, which has been carefully chosen and furnished with distinct and proportional furniture, consists of four floors, to provide a safe, calm, and comfortable atmosphere for the study and educational attainment of the 96 female students.

Vahira Delalic from Travnik in central Bosnia says that the opportunity to be accepted into the female student housing provided by Qatar Charity means a lot to me and my family, as he played a major role in alleviating the financial burden on my father and fulfilled my wish to continue university education.

 Everything is free, luxury housing, which looks like a hotel for students.

the student, Felicity Kipor, expressed her happiness to be in the residence and said, "I am forever grateful to Qatar Charity for providing us with housing, food, and care, which made me feel happy and comfortable.

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