Qatar Charity Distributes Winter Needs to Syrian

Qatar Charity Distributes Winter Needs to Syrian and Palestinian Refugees


 Within its winter campaign "Warmth and Peace", Qatar Charity distributes winter needs to Syrian and Palestinian refugees and Jordanian families with limited incomes, in a number of Jordan's governorates, to help them cope with the cold, in conjunction with the increase in rainfall and lower temperatures in recent days.

The aid distributed in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization benefited 6,500 people from low-income targeted groups as a down payment, in addition to the distribution of fuel coupons, winter clothes, food parcels and blankets, heating fuel, hygiene, health and sterilization supplies, in the shadow of the continuous needs to prevent the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and winter diseases.

Qatar Charity aims to meet the families' needs in terms of food, heating and protection from cold to enable them feel warmth, safety and protection, and to help them resist the difficult conditions they go through, as well as to sense the humanitarian situation of the refugees.

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