On World Toilet Day Safe sanitation projects for

On World Toilet Day Safe sanitation projects for Qatar Charity in Bangladesh


The number of beneficiaries of the water and sanitation projects implemented by Qatar Charity during the period 2021-2022 reached (7 million people) around the world, as Qatar Charity focused its efforts on providing an appropriate healthy water environment by digging surface and deep wells, equipping water purification plants, and establishing sanitation facilities in public facilities. In addition to the maintenance and rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities.

Bangladesh as a model

Among the countries in which Qatar Charity works in the field of water and sanitation is Bangladesh, which is one of the countries that most lack sanitary toilets, in addition to water pollution and the lack of potable water due to the high level of salinity, especially in coastal areas, according to a report issued by the World Health Organization and UNICEF in Bangladesh More than 68 million people lack access to safely managed drinking water. 103 million people lack access to sanitation facilities.

In continuation of the water and sanitation projects, Qatar Charity is working to build health facilities in rural areas of Bangladesh. During the past ten years, these projects' beneficiaries have reached more than 1.2 million people, as Qatar Charity has built more than 16,000 toilets in 20 regions. South and 8 districts of North Bengali including built mosques and educational facilities.

Qatar Charity has also installed 55 toilets in Chakoria Opazila and Cox's Bazar in the past few months.

 Thanks, and regards

These projects were widely welcomed locally. In this context, Zhanara Parvin said: "We lack toilets and we did not have enough awareness to provide hygiene supplies and sanitary water, but now we use sanitary toilets. It is a beautiful thing, thanks to Qatar Charity."

As for Muhammad Raqib, he said: "We and our children were facing many difficulties due to the lack of toilets, but now our lives have changed for the better thanks to Qatar Charity and the philanthropists in Qatar, so may He reward them all well."

These projects have also been welcomed locally. “In Bangladesh, we need to accelerate efforts to ensure improved drinking water and sanitation facilities for all citizens in order to achieve SDG 6 by 2030, and I believe progress is remarkable in this area,” said Mr. Imran Khan, a district official in Lakshmipur. Because of Qatar Charity's effective and feasible intervention.

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