Coinciding with International Children's Day

Coinciding with International Children's Day "Rofaqa" affiliated with Qatar Charity...extended achievements and distinguished quality projects


In conjunction with the upcoming 9th anniversary of the launch of the "Rofaqa" initiative, which coincides with International Children's Day, which falls on the 20th of this November; Qatar Charity continues its efforts in the field of social care and sponsorship of orphans around the world through this initiative, as the number of those sponsored through it has reached more than 190,000.

The launch of Qatar Charity has been associated with orphans in name and activity, as it started as a community volunteer initiative in 1987 under the Qatar Committee for the Orphan Sponsor Project. Its name was changed to Qatar Charity to work in all areas of relief and development work as a non-governmental humanitarian organization since 1992, and the total number of sponsors has reached Qatar Charity since 2006 to 532,220 sponsored.

The number of sponsored persons in 2013 (before the establishment of the Rofaqa initiative) was 28,500 orphans, but now this number has increased under the initiative to 190,243.

Economic empowerment

Orphans benefit from the training activities that are held for them, such as workshops, lectures, and entertainment, trips, camps, competitions, and sports matches that are organized by orphan supervisors or officials of orphanages centers.

Orphans and sponsored families also benefit from seasonal projects and campaigns such as Eid clothing, zakat al-Fitr, aid for winter campaigns, and school bags, as the number of beneficiaries in (2019-2022) reached about 8,297,218 people, and the families of orphans and sponsored families also benefited from the number of income-generating projects that were implemented Allocating it to them at the rate of 45,336 projects. The wish of 245,902 orphaned and poor children has been fulfilled through the "My Wish" initiative.

guarantees inside Qatar

Qatar Charity attaches great importance to orphans and children of low-income families inside Qatar, as it currently sponsors 870 orphans through the “Future Leaders” program, 11 students, 28 families, and two people with special needs as well. It is also keen to provide food assistance within seasonal projects and periodic educational assistance to them.

Typical cities and centers

In continuation of its qualitative efforts in social care, which fall within the framework of its “Rofaqa” initiative, Qatar Charity has been keen to establish model cities and multi-service centers for orphaned children and their surrounding communities, each of which includes multiple facilities such as homes, basic and schools, clinics, internal departments for student housing, mosques, workshops, water wells.

The number of projects implemented by the initiative reached 71 qualitative projects to build, operate and support orphan centers, in addition to 232 multi-service centers that include multiple facilities targeting orphan families with various activities.

Qatar Charity has also established model cities for orphans and poor students, including two cities in Sudan. The first is the model city of Sheikha Aisha bint Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Attiyah in Sudan, which is an integrated city for the care of orphans and their families, as it consists of 200 homes for orphan families, two secondary schools, a kindergarten, a mosque, a vocational training center, and artesian wells. As well as Taiba Educational City, which was built on an area of ​​​​9 thousand square meters and includes several facilities, the most important of which are a basic education school, a secondary school, and a health center equipped to serve students and their families and the areas surrounding the city, in addition to various administrative facilities, dining halls, activities, and facilities for sports activities. As well as an internal housing for orphans that can accommodate 500 orphans.



Qatar Charity won 4 regional awards for excellence in social care between 2014-2022, and it is also proud of the many success stories that have been achieved through Rofaqa initiative, where many of its sponsors have become ministers, members of parliament or officials Locals, academics, company directors, businessmen, doctors, engineers, sports champions.

Through the Rufaqa initiative, donations can be made to the “Your Sponsorship Makes a Hero” campaign through the Qatar Charity website QCH.QA/champion, or through the Qatar Charity application QCH.QA/APP, as well as by requesting the home collection service through the application, or by calling the hotline at 44290000 or via 27 branches spread across the country and through 97 collection points in commercial complexes.

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