Bangladesh: Orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity

Bangladesh: Orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity achieve outstanding academic results


Because of the sponsorship of the people in Qatar for orphans in Bangladesh, 100 sponsored students from Qatar Charity were able to excel in the general secondary certificate, in the various student care and education centers established by Qatar Charity in Bangladesh.

Gratitude to the sponsors

The students expressed their happiness at achieving these results and thanked the philanthropists in Qatar and Qatar Charity, stressing their commitment to continuous excellence.

Janna Akhtar, one of the outstanding students, said: "I am very happy with the distinguished results that I have achieved, and I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the honorable donors who were the reason for providing the means of success and excellence for us and our arrival to this stage of educational attainment."

For her part, student Amina Anamika said: "It was very difficult for an orphan student to continue her studies, but thanks to the kind sponsor from Qatar, I was able to complete my studies and prove myself he was a model for me, and I will continue on his approach, and I will help orphans and the poor so that they can complete their education in the future."

Mahmoud Al-Hassan, one of the outstanding students, also said: "Thank you to the people of Qatar and Qatar Charity for supporting us and providing an appropriate educational environment that led us to success and distinction in the science ladder."

Parents and teachers expressed their joy at the outstanding results achieved by their children.

Muzida Begum, a mother of an orphan student, said: "I cannot express how happy I am with my son's outstanding results. I thank the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity who supported us for many years until our children reached this level of success and excellence."

Mizan Al-Rahman, a teacher at the Bhairab Center affiliated with Qatar Charity, said: “Our students have achieved wonderful results that have pleased us as an educational framework. We are always working to provide the best for them so that they complete the path of success and excellence. We always encourage them by saying that the honorable sponsors from the people of Qatar expect from them distinguished academic results What motivates them to do more and give to get the best results.”

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity built 38 schools with residential facilities in all parts of Bangladesh in the past five years, and is currently working on building 15 schools under construction. Once these facilities are completed, 3,000 additional students will have opportunities This comes at a time when Qatar Charity is sponsoring 3,312 orphans to ensure a better future for them.

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