Qatar Charity organizes Umrah trip for

Qatar Charity organizes Umrah trip for outstanding orphans


Qatar Charity (QC) organized Umrah trip for 20 outstanding orphans of Pakistan, as part of its ‘Rofaqa’ initiative.

 MrYousuf Abdulla Al-Khulaifi, general supervisor of the 'Rofaqa' initiative, welcomed the orphans, praising their excellence and congratulating them for performing Umrah.

The supervisors of the Umrah trip from Qatar Charity’s headquarters and its Pakistan office accompanied the children in performing Umrah and visiting Medina and many other visits.

In a statement, MrYousuf Abdulla Al-Khulaifi said that the Umrah trip is part of Qatar Charity’s keenness to provide comprehensive care to the orphans through the ‘Rofaqa’ initiative and encourage them to excel in various aspects. He added that Qatar Charity organizes various activities for them to contribute to improving their knowledge and developing their capabilities. He noted that the orphans who participated in this trip were selected based on their excellence in the fields of memorizing the Holy Quran, their academic achievement, and behavioral discipline.

He mentioned that the 10-day Umrah trip included a visit to Masjid al-Haram, (the Great Mosque of Mecca) and Al-Masjid An-Nabawī, (Prophet's Mosque), in addition to visits to the holy sites, historical mosques and museums in Mecca and Medina. The trip also comprised cultural activities and competitions.

The orphans expressed their delight with the Umrah trip. “When I heard that I was selected for performing Umrah, there was no control over my tears,” said 16-year-old Mohammad Ahmad. “This is the biggest wish of my life which Qatar Charity and its donor fulfilled.”

Mr. Shayan Khan, a 15-year-old memorizer of the Quran, said, “It was my wish to recite the Quran in Medina, but I never expected that it would come true so quickly. I am very thankful to Qatar Charity and donors who gave me an opportunity for this holy trip.”

Before the Umrah trip, Qatar Charity’s Pakistan office provided Ihram (Umrah dress), shoes, hand-carry bags, personal hygiene kits, and necessary items to the sponsored orphans.

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