Qatar Charity implements water projects in

Qatar Charity implements water projects in Bangladesh and Pakistan


Within the framework of its efforts to provide safe drinking water in both Bangladesh and Pakistan, Qatar Charity, with the support of philanthropists in Qatar, has built several water treatment plants and installed solar-powered pumps. Thousands of people from the two countries are expected to benefit from the project.

These projects contribute to protecting the environment, reducing diseases and epidemics, and reducing the use of electricity.


In Bangladesh, Qatar Charity has inaugurated 4 water treatment plants in coastal areas such as the areas of Pirojpur, Khulna, and Bagherhat, benefiting 8,000 people who suffer from the effects of natural disasters that afflicted their areas there due to the use of salty water, especially since the coastal areas in Bangladesh suffer from severe pollution and salinity, which causes in the spread of various diseases.

The plants remove all pollutants from the water to help purify the water and make it safe and fit for human use.

Appreciation of efforts

This project has been well received locally. "It is a really good and commendable step to reduce the use of public electricity and protect the environment from the potential impact of climate change," said Hussain Holider, the local government representative in Pirojpur district.

For her part, Nazma Sarwar, a government official in the Bagerhat region, said: "The salty water that the local population drinks are harmful, especially since there are no other sources of clean water. The government is working with development partners such as Qatar Charity to solve this problem, so we thank her for her great efforts.".

The beneficiaries also welcomed this step. Shiuli Begum said: "We had to use salty water, which caused us many diseases, such as stomach, allergy, and kidney diseases. Thank you to the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity who ended our suffering with polluted water."


In Pakistan, Qatar Charity has installed 7 solar-powered water stations in Peshawar, benefiting more than 1,650 families, or about 16,000 people.

Two stations have been installed in Peshawar and 5 stations in Nowshera district to provide safe and clean water.

The project  was welcomed by the locals, as the Deputy Commissioner in Nowshera district, Mr. Muhammad Awais Khan, said: “We are grateful to Qatar Charity for providing safe drinking water by installing solar pumps in remote areas, and we thank the Qatari philanthropists and Qatar Charity for this important achievement.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Muhammad Ismail from the Department of Public Health Engineering in Nowshera said: "The Health Department has been working with Qatar Charity for 3 years in different areas of Khybera Province. We value Qatar Charity's professionalism in terms of coordination with government departments, and we are grateful to it for providing clean water."

The beneficiaries expressed their happiness, as Mrs. Amna Shah said: "We did not have enough water to meet our water needs, we used to go long distances to get it, but now, after establishing a pump, our water problem has been solved, which has given me enough time to play with my children. Thank you to the good people in Qatar and Qatar Charity.

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