Qatar Charity’s 2023 health initiatives bring

Qatar Charity’s 2023 health initiatives bring smiles and vitality to the vulnerable globally


Qatar Charity (QC) implemented five health initiatives in several countries in 2023, benefiting tens of thousands of children and individuals from the impoverished families.

This is part of Qatar Charity’s 2021-2025 health strategy to contribute to improving the healthcare situation in several developing countries suffering from low primary healthcare service coverage. This is achieved by increasing the coverage of primary and secondary healthcare services, thus promoting sustainable healthcare development.

Alquloob Alrahimah’ (Compassionate Hearts)

As many as 9 projects were implemented as part of the initiative ‘Alquloob Alrahimah’ (Compassionate Hearts), benefiting 265 children in 5 countries: Senegal, Somalia, Bangladesh, Ghana, and Pakistan. This is an initiative specialized in repairing congenital heart defects in children using cardiac catheterization without the need for open-heart surgery.

Ibsar (Eyesight)

Qatar Charity implemented the Ibsar (Eyesight) initiative aimed at combating preventable blindness, benefiting 5,665 individuals in 10 countries: Senegal, Somalia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Nepal, and Nigeria. Some 65 projects were implemented and 5,600 cataract surgeries were conducted.

Sinaeat Alibtisamah (Making a Smile)

Under the Sinaeat Alibtisamah (Making a Smile) initiative specialized in treating children with cleft lip, 20 projects were implemented in 5 countries: Ghana, Somalia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Nigeria. The initiative benefited 1,000 children.

Man Ahyaha (Who revived it?)

It is an initiative specialized in treating children under the age of five who are suffering from severe and acute malnutrition. It targets children in two countries: Somalia and Pakistan. The initiative benefited 5,607 people. It included 6 projects that aim to provide nutrition services to three health centers in Somalia, conduct medical survey of 1,200 individuals from the target groups to assess the malnutrition rate, offer life-saving therapeutic nutrition services to 600 children under the age of five who suffer from acute malnutrition, provide therapeutic nutrition services to pregnant and lactating mothers, and increase the level of awareness in the targeted communities.

Chronic Diseases Treatment

This is an initiative to provide support and care for patients suffering from non-communicable (chronic) diseases. These diseases encompass four main categories: cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks and strokes), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases (like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma), and diabetes. The initiative implemented 7 projects in 4 countries: Somalia, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, and Ghana, benefiting 2,500 patients.

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