Qatar Charity implements ‘Feed the Fasting’

Qatar Charity implements ‘Feed the Fasting’ project in Gaza


In parallel with the persistent Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, Qatar Charity (QC) continues its humanitarian efforts there as part of its Ramadan campaign ‘Endless Giving’. Under the feed the fasting project, Qatar Charity distributes meals, food packages, and bags of flour. Approximately 300,000 individuals have so far benefited from these distributions, with further assistance expected to be distributed to the crisis-affected in Ramadan.

So far, the number of the distributed ready-to-eat meals has reached 150,000, in addition to providing 12,000 food baskets and 13,200 bags of flour.

The ‘Feed the Fasting’ project contributes to alleviating the suffering of the people of Gaza due to the severe shortage of food supplies and the absence of provisions for breaking fast during the sacred month. This initiative stands as a continuation of the humanitarian efforts spearheaded by Qatar Charity in Gaza since October.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity is actively implementing its Ramadan projects in 40 countries worldwide through its field offices and local partners. With a focus on Palestine, internally displaced Syrians, Somalia, Yemen, and Bangladesh, including Rohingya refugees, these Ramadan projects encompass Feed the Fasting, zakat al-fitr, and Eid Clothing.

Qatar Charity encourages benefactors in Qatar to seize the opportunity of the blessed month to Provide Relief to the People in Gaza and other countries, especially crisis-affected regions. Their contributions will help Qatar Charity provide ready-to-eat meals and food baskets to alleviate the suffering caused by food shortages. Donations can be made through the following link:

To make contributions, a “Home Collector” can be requested through Qatar Charity’s app (, in addition to dialing 44920000 for this purpose. Furthermore, benefactors can donate at Qatar Charity’s branches, as well as at its collection points in the commercial complexes.

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QC Implements ‘Kiswit Eid’ (Ei

QC focused on the countries suffering from exceptional circumstance such as Palestine, Syria and Yemen El Kuwairi, “‘Kiswit Eid’ project aims at making the orphans happy, especially that it’s Eid”. In 33 different countries, 1,750 orphans enjoyed the Eid and became more hopeful for a better future thanks to Rofaqa initiative, one of QC’s initiatives. This project is one of so many others which QC works hard to implement so as to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of its sponsored children in Eid Al Adha. Love & Care Countries which suffer from exceptional circumstances were focused on such as Palestine, Syria and Yemen. These countries’ orphans need all the love and care one can possibly offer. They suffer every single day that any ray of hope could be very useful to them. However, QC did not forget about the orphans elsewhere. It’s project was implemented in India, Jordan, Philippine, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, the Comoros, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritania, Kenya, Morocco, Chat, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Niger, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Sudan and Tunisia.   ‘Eid Clothing’ campaign covered the orphans’ different needs. It included getting them shoes, and presents (based on their age and gender): shirts and pants for the boys, and dresses and shoes for the girls. More than 550 orphans benefited from the project. Values of Mercy Mr. Youssif Bin Ahmed Al Kuwairi, QC’s CEO, said, “We, at QC, made sure to prioritize the orphans, and pay extra attention to them. QC does its best to provide them with the necessary care they need. Plus, we all know that the reward our religion promises to those who sponsor orphans is great.” He, then, added, “‘Eid Clothing’ initiative is only a means to compensate for their loss. Yes, it is not like parental love and care; however, QC works hard to make the orphans feel like they’re a part of something, a family. We know how important it is to stand by these orphans’ side; which is why supporting them is a priority.” Through its ‘Rofaqa’ initiative, QC inaugurated ‘Eid Clothing’ campaign for the benefit of its sponsored orphans. The number of sponsored orphans from 31st of December 2013 until today reached 39,057 orphans from 35 different countries the world over.  Similar Projects At the same time QC implemented ‘Eid Clothing’ project, it implemented ‘Your Sacrifice, their Eid’ campaign. Through this campaign, QC was able to provide 28,100 sacrifices (of bulls and sheep) in 54 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe at a cost of 13,560,000) QR. As for the Hajj season, QC implemented many projects which included ‘Substitute Hajj’, ‘Feeding Pilgrims’ and ‘Grouping Pilgrims’. Thanks to QC, 1,500 pilgrims performed substitute hajj at a cost of 5,700,000 QR. It also grouped 16 pilgrims at a cost of 152,000 QR and provided 25,000 meals for the pilgrims. Comprehensive Care: QC sponsors around 80,000 orphans from 35 countries. It offers them comprehensive care which includes education, health, shelter and other basics. ‘Rofaqa’ Initiative is a unique humanitarian initiative which is interested in helping orphans worldwide. It aims at reaching a complementary level of care for children and orphans. It wishes to offer a new vision based on comprehensive care to include social, educational, health and psychological aspects. ‘Rofaqa’ initiative, which was inaugurated in December 2013, was able to sponsor 39,057 orphans so far.   You can donate to support such projects through the link:  Click here


Qatar Charity’s Ramadan Campai

Executive Director of Local Development assured, “More than 2 million people will benefit from our ramadan projects in 1438H, at a cost of about QR 31 million.”   Qatar Charity (QC) has launched its campaign for this year’s Ramadan season entitled “Give and Shine Through”.  The estimated total cost for projects to be implemented inside and outside Qatar, during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1438H, is  QR 31 million, and the number of beneficiaries is expected to reach over 2 million people. QC held a press conference at Al Jazeera Cafe in the cultural district of Katara to announce launching the campaign. It was run by Mr. Ahmed Al Ali, Director of the Media Department at QC, who started by giving thanks to the social networks and the media for supporting QC’s projects and campaigns. Also, the Executive Director of Local Development at QC and the Chairman of the Ramadan Projects Committee, Ali Atiq al-Abdullah, and a number of directors of various departments in QC have participated in the press conference. The campaign includes three main projects: Iftar meals, Eid clothing and Zakat al-Fitr, as well as a range of public and religious projects in Qatar, and media programs broadcast through the media and social networks. The estimated cost of projects outside Qatar is about QR 15 million and is expected to benefit more than 1.1 million people. similarly, the estimated budget for Ramadan projects in Qatar is about QR 16 million, benefiting more than 900,000 people. Congratulation Ali Atiq al-Abdullah, on behalf of QC, congratulated the people of Qatar and the Arab and Islamic nations, praying for having a good and rewarding Ramadan and reminding them not to forget their brethren with need. He also stimulated them to help people in this month with their generosity and giving, based on the words of the Almighty, “And if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.” Giving a hand He urged benefactors and donors to lend their brothers a helping hand by donating to Qatar relief and development projects inside and outside Qatar, such as relief to the Syrian people, orphans and Needy Families Sponsorship, educational and health projects and income-generating projects so as to support the beneficiaries. Internal projects QC's projects in Qatar include a wide variety of Ramadan Iftar projects, and watering, and they extend to popular and cultural programs and challenging projects that allow for competition among the youth volunteer teams in cooperation and partnership with a number of related parties. Some of which are being implemented for the first time, while others have been developed. The most important of these projects are: Fast Breaking Dinners The number of fasting meals held or supported by QC is 23 group tables. They are distributed throughout the country for the sake of single workers, wayfarers, and low-income individuals. QC has fully taken the responsibility for completely offering 20 tables, and helping to provide 3 other tables. It is expected that 170,670 people will benefit from these dining tables, at a cost of about QR 5.5 million. The targeted areas of iftar include Al Khor, Smeisma, Khareteyat, Gharafa, Rayan, Shahaneya, Wakrah, Bin Mahmoud, Freij Abdul Azeez, Najma, Mansoura, Bit Omran, Matar, Seleya, Jmeileya, Um Salal Muhammed, Al Ruwais, and Al Kaaban. There are some projects that go under the Iftar project. The most important of which are: From Home to Home A project that enables Qatari families to prepare Iftar meals for families with limited income to reach their homes. They will be about 9000 meals throughout the holy month. Farms Workers Iftar The farms workers gatherings are targeted in six regions of the country and breakfast meals will be served for 600 workers per day, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 18,000. Doha Industrial Area’s workers Iftar The project focuses on the workers' gatherings in the industrial area, through dedicated cars to daily distribute breakfast meals. The project is expected to benefit 12,000 workers during Ramadan. Ramadan Food Baskets The project provides supply requirements of Ramadan for limited-income families through coupons distributed by QC or the referees. Supplies are received from the shopping malls at the beginning of Ramadan, targeting 1500 families. Mobile Iftar Targeting 15,000 fasting people, it provides light Iftar meals prepared by Qatari families who are in easy circumstances. The meals are distributed to motorists who hear sunset call to prayer before arriving at their homes. SoQya, Providing Water to Prayers The project daily distributes water to the prayers during Taraweeh and voluntary night prayer in 43 mosques. It targets more than 8064 worshipers, bringing the number of targeted throughout the holy month to 242.000 people. Public and Cultural projects Youth entrepreneurship competition "Entrepreneurship" The idea is to encourage youth to compete in order to organize entrepreneurship activities to serve the community, and support Ramadan projects and external humanitarian projects, in cooperation with one of university student clubs and community development centers in QC, and then choose the best initiatives and honor who launch them. Al- Baraha Programme for Communities A public program that includes Iftar meals and a number of entertainment and awareness events for fostering values. It revolves around the children of communities living in Qatar and is expected to benefit 10,000 people in more than one community. A Dialogue with Influential Figures in Ramadan A weekly meeting in Katara throughout Ramadan, hosting a personality of intellectuals and writers, to discuss a cause of concern to the community with them, and seek to provide them solutions. Believers An activity held helping the community members to getused to adhere to the Prophetic Sunnah and good behaviors such as: visit the sick people, attend the funerals and feed the poor. Cohabitation A targeted activity for non-Muslim foreign people to familiarize them with the customs and traditions of Qatari society by organizing a day of cooperation with Muslims and engaging them in voluntary activities such as Iftar meals and visiting the gatherings. Orphans' Gifts (Eideyas) A celebration in which Eideya (an amount of money which is given in Eid) are distributed to orphans before Eid al-Fitr. In this regard, QC urges the public to donate money in order to put a smile on the faces of this group. Projects outside Qatar QC carries out its Ramadan projects in 37 countries around the world. These projects are divided into three main projects: Ramadan, Eid, and Zakat Al Fitr, with a value of about QR 15 million. More than 1.1 million people are expected to benefit from it, with a focus on countries which suffer from crises and disasters. Iftar The Iftar project is the largest of Ramadan projects, with a value of QR 10,031,451. It is expected that 952,889 people will benefit from the project, of which around QR 1.5 million will be allocated to the displaced and Syrian refugees. Besides, the allocations of Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, and Iraq are increased in these projects. The target countries include: Bangladesh, Benin, Chad, Comoros, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, Senegal, Sudan, Sudan,  Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Iraq, Togo, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Morocco, Philippines, Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey. In addition, food has been allocated to affected people in Syria and Somalia (flour, bread, food baskets) worth more than QR 3.2 million, and is expected to benefit about 100,000 people. Eid clothing Benefiting 3786 orphans in 21 countries, Eid clothing project aims at gladdening the orphans sponsored by QC through offering them clothes before Eid al-Fitr, at an estimated cost of QR 378,600. Zakat al-Fitr QC is implementing this project, targeting 82,830 people in 33 countries across the world at an estimated cost of QR 1,242,457 in order to spread the joy among Muslims on the day of Eid al-Fitr, and to avail the needy.


QC launches Ramadan campaign f

Qatar Charity announced the launch of its Ramadan Campaign for the year 1439 AH under the slogan "Giving the Secret to Happiness". The campaign aims at implementing major Ramadan projects in 30 countries including Qatar at a cost of QR37mn to benefit 2 million people. Giving is the Secret to Happiness" campaign includes three main projects: Iftar for a Fasting Person, which includes “Iftar Tables and Food Baskets”, Eid Clothing, and Zakat al-Fitr in addition to social assistance, media programs, and other projects implemented within Qatar. Qatar Charity improved the donation service by developing its website and mobile Apps for the holy month of Ramadan and for Zakat calculation and payment. The charity also opened many branches and collection points within the country in order to facilitate an easy access to donors to make their donations The Pleasure of Giving QC Ramadan campaign also aims at drawing attention to the fact that giving is a significant key to human happiness, which means that the pleasure of giving is superior to the pleasure of receiving, especially in the holy month of Ramadan, the season of generosity. Extending a helping hand to support those in need gives the charity makers and good doers a feeling of happiness and fills their hearts with tranquility, comfort, and blessing, especially, when they see the smile on the faces of the beneficiaries and the positive difference in their lives made by the donations of benefactors.  The estimated cost of Ramadan projects outside Qatar is about QR21mn, targeting more than 1.3 million people around the world. The estimated cost of these projects inside Qatar is about QR16mn, aiming to reach out to 630 thousand people. Ramadan Wishes On the Advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, QC’s CEO Yousef bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari extended his heartiest congratulations to the people of Qatar and the Arab and Islamic nations, wishing the holy month to be a season of good deeds, solidarity and compassion. He urged Muslims to seize this opportunity to bring happiness and pleasure to themselves and needy people across the globe, as extending a helping hand to support those in need gives the charity makers and good doers a feeling of happiness and fills their hearts with tranquility, comfort, and blessing. Al-Kuwari said the donation can be made through Qatar Charity's Ramadan campaign "Giving is the secret to happiness" to implement its health, education, water, income-generating, and seasonal projects as well as for building mosques, Quran centers and houses for the poor or to sponsor orphans, poor families and others. Campaign’s Projects outside Qatar Qatar Charity (QC) is implementing its Ramadan projects for this year in 29 countries around the world to benefit 1.3mn people with the focus on crisis and disaster areas, in addition to the poor and the needy. The campaign implements three main projects as follows: Iftar Project for a Fasting Person This project is divided into two main categories: Iftar tables for a fasting person and Ramadan baskets, which are implemented at a cost of more than QR15mn to benefit one million people. Ramadan Tables This serves Iftar meals to targeted people throughout Ramadan. Cost and Number of Beneficiaries The cost of the tables is more than QR10mn, benefiting about 820 thousand fasting persons. Ramadan Baskets This provides parcels containing essential foodstuffs for the month of Ramadan, which are distributed to poor families. Cost and Number of Beneficiaries The cost of the project is more than QR5mn for the benefit of 156 thousand people. Zakat al-Fitr It is given to low-income families on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr to reduce their financial burden. Cost and Number of Beneficiaries: The cost of the project is about QR 5.4mn, and it is expected to benefit about 360 thousand people in 24 countries Eid Clothing This projects provides clothes and shoes to orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. Cost and Number of Beneficiaries The cost of the project is more than QR425 thousand, benefiting 4255 orphans in18 countries 2- Campaign’s Projects in Qatar A- Iftar Meals and Social Assistance The list of Ramadan projects implemented within the State of Qatar includes various types of Iftar meals projects for fasting persons, which target workers and community gatherings in addition to distributing Iftar meals and Zakat Al Fitr to low-income families, organizing cultural programs, and supporting voluntary initiatives, in partnership with others. The cost of these projects is about QR16mn and it is expected that more than 630 thousand people will benefit from them throughout the holy month of Ramadan. The following are the most significant projects: Iftar Meals Projects within Qatar 1 – Iftar Tables for Fasting Persons Number of Iftar Tables: 31 tables will be spread across Qatar and will serve ready meals to fasting persons Places of Implementation: Al Khor, Dhakhira, Simaisma, Kharttiyat, Al Gharafa, Al Rayyan, Al Shahaniya, Al Wakrah, Al Wukair, Muaither South and North, Al Sailiya, Bin Omran, Bin Mahmoud, Umm Salal Mohammed, Al Kabaan, Al Aziziyah,Izghawa, Old Al Ghanim, Al Montazah, Ain Khalid, Al Shamal, Freij Abdul Aziz, Al Hilal, Rawdat Rashid, Al Jamiliya, and Barzan Cost: The estimated cost of the tables is more than QR7.5mn Number of beneficiaries: 225,000 people, mostly workers, are expected to benefit from the tables. 2- Iftar Meals for Single Workers The project focuses on single workers and serves Iftar meal to them. Places of Implementation: Al Ghuwariyah, Simaisma, Al Khor, Al Khuraib, Al Shahaniya, Abū Nakẖlah, Al Wakrah Cost: QR 548000– Number of Beneficiaries per month: 18,000 people 3- From Home to Home As part of this project, Qatari families prepare and serve Iftar meals to low-income families with the aim to meet some of their needs. Cost: QR 255,000– Number of Beneficiaries: 200 people per day - 6000 people per month. 4- Iftar Meals for Industrial Zone workers: This project distributes Iftar meals to workers through special vehicles at the various locations of the Industrial Area, which are daily changed to cover the largest number of workers during the month. Cost: QR 265,000 –  Number of Beneficiaries: (400 people per day) 12,000 people per month. 5- Ramadan Supply: This project provides parcels containing essential foodstuffs for the month of Ramadan, which are distributed to families on limited incomes via coupons gifted by Qatar Charity at the beginning of the holy month. Cost: about QR1.4mn -Total Beneficiaries: 2000 families. 6- Mobile Iftar:  This involves distribution of snacks prepared by Qatari productive families to motorists who were not able to reach their homes for Iftar. Cost: QR 382,000 - Total beneficiaries: (500 people per day) 15,000 people per month. 7- Providing Water to Congregations: The project is to be implemented in 43 mosques in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in order to distribute water bottles to congregations while they are performing Taraweeh and night prayers Cost: QR 285,000 - Total beneficiaries: 242,000 people throughout the holy month. 2- Social assistance Ramadan Gift This is financial aid provided to low-income families registered with Qatar Charity before the beginning of Ramadan to meet the living needs in the holy month. Cost: QR 1mn - Total Beneficiaries: 1,000 families Al-Aqraboon This is an initiative implemented by Qatar Charity for the third consecutive year with start of Ramadan, in which a number of media figures and social media influencers will participate, with the aim of providing financial aid to the needy families, who may not visit charities for help as well as supporting difficult cases within the country. Cost: more than QR 1.1mn - Average number of beneficiaries: 150 families. Zakat ul Fitr It is given to low-income families on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. Cost: more than QR 1.1mn - Number of beneficiaries: 1,000 families Eidi (Gift) for Orphans It is a gift distributed to the orphans sponsored by Qatar Charity, before Eid al-Fitr, to bring pleasure to them. Number of beneficiaries: 324 orphans. B - Cultural and Public Projects and Initiatives The most important public programs, events and voluntary initiatives implemented by Qatar Charity in the holy month of Ramadan include the following: Baraha This project supports Iftar tables of many communities residing in Qatar to enhance interaction and cohesion among their members, especially in the month of Ramadan. It includes a number of cultural and recreational programs for the participants and their families. Cost: QR 317 thousand - Total beneficiaries: 7,500 people Youth Initiatives Competition This encourages youths to compete in establishing initiatives and organizing activities, to serve the community and contribute to support the Ramadan projects. The best initiatives will be selected according to specific criteria, to be honored at the end. Humanitarian Action Event: It is a public event involving a group of thinkers, social media stars and some " stand-up comedy" celebrities. On this occasion, the achievements of celebrities in the fields of humanitarian work, will be highlighted as well as entities and personalities, who have participated in and supported the charitable work, in addition to those having voluntary and humanitarian initiatives, will be honored at the event. Al-Siddiqiyoon This is an activity aimed at familiarizing members of society with doing a number of voluntary works such as visiting the sick, feeding poor people, following the funeral processions, and fasting. You're not alone This is an event, organized by Qatar Charity in cooperation with a number of youth initiatives, to pay visits to patients and elderly people in hospitals and Ehsan during the holy month with the aim of instilling values of volunteerism and compassion. Moaayashah (Coexistence) This is an activity aimed at introducing customs and traditions of Qatari society to non-Muslims by holding a special day in Ramadan to engage them in volunteer activities such as Iftar tables. Media Programs in Ramadan A - Radio Programs Asfar (Travel) Transmitted by: Sout al-Khaleej Radio.    - Transmission Time: 5:15 Presented by: Ahmed Al Ali and Mohammed Al Enazi Omniaty (My Wish) Transmitted by: Qatar Radio.         - Transmission Time: 2:00 pm Presented by: ... Iman Al Kaabi  Omniaty in English Transmitted by: Qatar Radio (English)     - Transmission Time: 7:15 pm presented by: Manar Magdy Zahran Taraweeh Transmitted by: Al Quran Al Kareem Radio.       - Transmission Time: (Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, 10 – 11:30 pm) Presented by: Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Harami  (Social) Taraweeh Transmitted by: Al Quran Al Kareem Radio.       - Transmission Time: (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10 - 11 pm) Presented by: Many broadcasters   B – YouTube Programs Qatar charity’s YouTube channel will broadcast a number of awareness programs such as Giving is Life by Dr. Khaled Abu Mozah, Ramadan Words by Dr. Mamoun Mubayed, Tawasul (Communication) by Dr. Salem Lakhm, Tadabbur (Careful Consideration) by Reciter Mu'adh al-Qasim, Promising Donor by Ahmed al-Maliki, Bashair (Blessed Signs) by Aqeel Al-Janahi, Aamaq (Depths) by Hossam Rouhy, Ibtasim (Smile) and a cartoon program.     QC’s Services Qatar Charity improved its services by developing its website and mobile Apps for the holy month of Ramadan and for Zakat calculation and payment. The charity also opened many branches and collection points within the country in order to facilitate an easy access to donors to make their donations. 1 – Websites & Apps: Website & App (Zakaty) The website and App provide a number of services to meet the different needs of Zakat payers. Website Link: App Link: Some of the website and App services have been developed and the most important of them are:   Automatic reminder of Zakat’s due date Biometric Login Pay zakat according to its channels   Also, Zakat expert can be reached through the phone or by visiting the office at QC’s headquarters. Zakat Expert’s Email: Zakat Expert’s Phone No.: 55035744 / 44290152   Ramadan Website and App Ramadan website and App provide all the services needed during the holy month of Ramadan. The user can pay zakat al-Fitr and the atonement of fasting or make the donation to purchase clothes for orphans and implement various Ramadan projects. Some services have been improved and the most important of them are the following: Prayer, Sahur and Iftar reminder Recitations: Meet daily with one of the well-skilled reciters sponsored by Qatar Charity. Supplications: A supplication recorded by children, families or others sponsored by Qatar charity around the world, will be offered on a daily basis with the firing of the Ramadan cannon. Website Link : App Link: 2 - Branches and Collection Points Qatar Charity’s branches, collection points, and collectors also provide Zakat calculation and payment services in addition to the charity’s website and app.   A - Branches Qatar Charity has 25 branches, including 16 branches for men and 9 branches for women across different areas of the country. These QC’s branches are located in Al Azizia, Al Markhia, Al Kharaitiyat, Al Ruwais, Al Wakrah, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Al Gharafa, Muaither, Al Nasr, Al Hilal, and Abu Hamour. Working Hours in Ramadan:   Headquarters: 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM (midnight) Branches: 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM 8:30 PM – 12:00 AM (midnight) B - Collection Points: Qatar Charity has 92 collection points in markets, malls and hospitals. It also has 1,477 donation boxes, 162 collectors, and 64 electronic donation machines across the country.


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