Qatar Charity Supports Al Aqsa Hospital

Qatar Charity Supports Al Aqsa Hospital


In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Qatar Charity has opened the CT department at Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza and restored its diagnosis department to provide excellent medical services to 300,000 people in the central area in the Gaza Strip.

This is a part of "Providing medicines and medical and laboratory supplies to the Palestinian Ministry of Health” project funded by QC at a cost of more than 25 million QR, aiming at restoring Al-Aqsa Hospital to bring it back into perfect use, providing it with the necessary equipment, in addition to alleviating the pain and suffering of the patients and the overcrowded hospitals in Gaza.

Humane Allusion

Dr. Mahmoud Abu Khalifa, Director of the Sponsorship Program at the Qatar Charity Office in the Gaza Strip, said that what QC has done to help the Al-Aqsa Hospital and rehabilitate a full section of it is such a great humanitarian evidence and support for the health sector in the Gaza Strip. Besides, he pointed out that the reason behind implementing this project is the responsibility for the sick and injured, especially residents of the Central Governorate who have suffered from the lack of advanced diagnostic services, which increased their suffering and endangered their lives, particularly at the times of wars and crises.

Abu Khalifa assured that QC's humanitarian mission is to aid the most needy social groups in accordance with the principles of human dignity and social justice. Accordingly, they have been keen to pay particular attention to the needs of patients in areas where there is a lack of Health Services.

Full Support

He stressed that QC never slacks on giving Palestinians a helping hand. That is to say, he referred to their several achievements in many sectors through QC’s programs, especially those related to the reconstruction program through the Islamic Development Bank. These sectors included health, education and economic empowerment, water and sanitation; agriculture and industry; housing construction, schools, mosques and cultural centers.

Moreover, he mentioned that QC is about to offer Al-Aqsa Hospital a new X ray device, within a project which supplies it with many medical devices and spare parts for the broken devices in the Ministry of Health’s hospitals.

Beneficent Hands

Bassem Naeem, Head of the Health and Environment Sector in the Gaza Strip, expressed his appreciation of QC's achievements in supporting the health sector and thanked the generous hands in Qatar who have been supporting the implementation and financing of the projects that have been a distinct addition to health work, wishing that the good people in Qatar will continue to support such projects in various health fields.

Typical Leap

Director of Al-Aqsa Hospital, Kamal Khattab, praised the efforts exerted by QC and the Qatari generous benefactors, stressing that the CT scan is a quantum leap for the hospital, which serves a large segment of the people of the central Governorate.

"We are grateful to QC for carrying out the projects that support the health sector, especially those that benefited Al-Aqsa Hospital," Khattab stated. He also  hopes they provide more support to serve the sick and the injured groups, in light of the government's deficit in the full coverage of health services due to the lack of potential.


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QC Provides Job Opportunities

Because it always supports the neediest categories and because it always tries to fulfill its duty towards the orphans it sponsors, QC signed a strategic partnership with Hemaya Security Solutions Co. to hire more than 250 orphans of legal age in Sudan. This initiative is considered to be the first of its kind ever to be implemented by a charity organization. Mr. Rashid Abdurrahman Al-Naimi, Qatar’s Ambassador in Sudan, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al-Fahida, QC’s EDO, and Mr. Falih Hamad Al-Hajri, Chief of Governmental Relations Department at Hemaya, supervised the starting of the interviews. More than 548 candidates applied for the job. 400 of which were interviewed by Hemaya’s delegate Mr. Falih Ahmed Al-Hajri. The interviews lasted for four consecutive days; then 319 were selected to work for Hemaya. 250 of them were from orphans and 59 of them were from the orphans’ families. Commendations Mr. Rashid Abdurrahman Al-Naimi, Qatar’s ambassador in Sudan, praised the cooperation between the Qatari institutions to achieve humanitarian and charitable goals. He said it shows Qatar’s bright side. Furthermore, Mr. Faisal Rashid Al-Fahida, QC’s EDO, commended the outcome of the partnership between Hemaya Co and QC. Such initiative will result in the enhancement of the conditions of many families. Mr. Falih Hamad Al-Hajri, Chief of Governmental Relations Department at Hemaya, emphasized on the company’s willingness to expand its partnership and increase the work with QC under the understanding of the responsibilities of the Qatari institutions to make a positive change in people’s lives and to empower them economically.  All of the interviewees expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Qatar and QC for such a good initiative hoping more orphans and poor families would benefit from it. The EDO said that according to QC’s procedures and regulations, the sponsorship time ends when the orphan becomes of a legal age; 18 and above. However, QC never stops helping them until they are financially independent. Sponsorship Services QC offers two kinds of services to the sponsored children. First, it offers individual services such as regularly giving money to the sponsored during the time of sponsorship, and directly supervising the student’s education, health, social behavior and psychology. In addition, it offers in-kind contributions every now and then which help the child such as giving him\her a school bag or Eidya.   Second, it offers a group services which include all the activities QC does for a group of sponsored children at the same time. These services and activities can be cultural, artistic, educational, sport, or entertaining. Sponsorships differ and depend on the conditions of the orphan. There is the sponsorship of a child living with his family, a child living with a foster family, and a child living in an orphanage. Sponsoring children while living with their families comes first because QC believes in the importance of growing up around one’s family. Family is a healthy environment which supports the child educationally, psychologically, emotionally and socially. Sponsoring children by sending them to foster families comes second. Finally, if the first and second choices are not available, QC sends children to an acknowledged orphanage. 85,000 Orphans QC is currently sponsoring more than 3,489 orphans in 8 Sudanese states. It provides them with financial and educational support, and offers them cultural and entertaining activities. As part of last year’s campaign “Rofaqa’” (Companions), QC sponsored more than 750 orphans in Sudan. Finally, QC sponsors around 85,000 orphans around the world in more than 40 countries.        


QC Implements ‘Providing Drink

Through its office in the Strip and in cooperation with Ghaith for Relief and Development, QC has recently started implementing ‘Providing Drinking Water’ project to the poor. More than 3,000 poor families are expected to benefit from it. It will take around 8 months for the project to be implemented at a cost of 262,000 QR. Kidney Diseases The Municipalities in the Strip provide the citizens with salty water only, which could cause many different diseases such as kidney diseases. Therefore, QC decided to implement this project in order to provide the poor families with good drinking water. Eng. Mohammed Abu Halloub, QC’s Office Director in the Strip, said that this project is being implemented because QC wants to alleviate the sufferings of those who cannot afford to get good drinking water, and to prevent the diseases spread because of water pollution. He also emphasized the fact that water projects are on the top QC’s priorities’ list since the siege and the attacks on the Strip have destroyed all of the water networks, which were not even sufficient. QC, as he also mentioned, will not spare an effort until it has helped the needy families and offered a good living opportunities for the needy; whether through relief or development projects. Water Crisis The Strip’s aquifer is both polluted and empty which made the Strip suffer from a dire water crisis. As a result, the Gazan families who are financially stable buy filtered water, while the poor families still use the brackish water provided by the municipalities. To help face this crisis, QC is implementing a project to filter rainwater and to inject it into the aquifer in around 30 public schools. The UN had already warned from the worsening situation of water in the Strip. According to the UN’s report, if the current conditions remain the same, the situation in 2016 will be catastrophic. The Strip is in great need for desalination plants a hundred times more than roads. Reconstruction of Gaza After all the destruction and wreckage the last aggression on the Strip caused, QC spared no effort to help rebuild the Strip. More than 2,000 people were martyred during the aggression, 11,200 were injured, and thousands of families, whose houses were demolished, were displaced. Furthermore, many infrastructure facilities such as roads, hospitals, schools, and factories were destroyed. The last brutal attack on the Gaza Strip caused the loss of so many people, houses, and facilities. 2,139 were martyred: 579 of them were children, 264 of them were women, and 102 were elders. 11,200 people were injured: 25% of them became handicapped. 1,000 children became permanently disabled. 2,088 women, 3,374 children and 410 old people were injured. 1,200 families lost their breadwinners. 90 families were entirely eliminated and 49 massacres were executed. In addition, 466,000 citizens were displaced, 2,360 houses were completely destroyed, 13,644 houses were partly destroyed, 30,000 workers lost their jobs, and 134 factories were completely demolished. The destruction of Gaza cost a financial loss of 3,500,000,000 USD.   You can donate to support such projects through the link: Click here


QC Implements ‘Kiswit Eid’ (Ei

QC focused on the countries suffering from exceptional circumstance such as Palestine, Syria and Yemen El Kuwairi, “‘Kiswit Eid’ project aims at making the orphans happy, especially that it’s Eid”. In 33 different countries, 1,750 orphans enjoyed the Eid and became more hopeful for a better future thanks to Rofaqa initiative, one of QC’s initiatives. This project is one of so many others which QC works hard to implement so as to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of its sponsored children in Eid Al Adha. Love & Care Countries which suffer from exceptional circumstances were focused on such as Palestine, Syria and Yemen. These countries’ orphans need all the love and care one can possibly offer. They suffer every single day that any ray of hope could be very useful to them. However, QC did not forget about the orphans elsewhere. It’s project was implemented in India, Jordan, Philippine, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, the Comoros, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mauritania, Kenya, Morocco, Chat, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Niger, Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Sudan and Tunisia.   ‘Eid Clothing’ campaign covered the orphans’ different needs. It included getting them shoes, and presents (based on their age and gender): shirts and pants for the boys, and dresses and shoes for the girls. More than 550 orphans benefited from the project. Values of Mercy Mr. Youssif Bin Ahmed Al Kuwairi, QC’s CEO, said, “We, at QC, made sure to prioritize the orphans, and pay extra attention to them. QC does its best to provide them with the necessary care they need. Plus, we all know that the reward our religion promises to those who sponsor orphans is great.” He, then, added, “‘Eid Clothing’ initiative is only a means to compensate for their loss. Yes, it is not like parental love and care; however, QC works hard to make the orphans feel like they’re a part of something, a family. We know how important it is to stand by these orphans’ side; which is why supporting them is a priority.” Through its ‘Rofaqa’ initiative, QC inaugurated ‘Eid Clothing’ campaign for the benefit of its sponsored orphans. The number of sponsored orphans from 31st of December 2013 until today reached 39,057 orphans from 35 different countries the world over.  Similar Projects At the same time QC implemented ‘Eid Clothing’ project, it implemented ‘Your Sacrifice, their Eid’ campaign. Through this campaign, QC was able to provide 28,100 sacrifices (of bulls and sheep) in 54 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe at a cost of 13,560,000) QR. As for the Hajj season, QC implemented many projects which included ‘Substitute Hajj’, ‘Feeding Pilgrims’ and ‘Grouping Pilgrims’. Thanks to QC, 1,500 pilgrims performed substitute hajj at a cost of 5,700,000 QR. It also grouped 16 pilgrims at a cost of 152,000 QR and provided 25,000 meals for the pilgrims. Comprehensive Care: QC sponsors around 80,000 orphans from 35 countries. It offers them comprehensive care which includes education, health, shelter and other basics. ‘Rofaqa’ Initiative is a unique humanitarian initiative which is interested in helping orphans worldwide. It aims at reaching a complementary level of care for children and orphans. It wishes to offer a new vision based on comprehensive care to include social, educational, health and psychological aspects. ‘Rofaqa’ initiative, which was inaugurated in December 2013, was able to sponsor 39,057 orphans so far.   You can donate to support such projects through the link:  Click here


QC Hosts the British Activist

Ms. Booth: “I chose QC because I already knew its excellent work in the field of charity in general and for the Palestinians in particular.” After receiving an invitation from QC, Ms. Lauren Booth, a journalist and British activist, visited QC in Doha so as to work together to support the Palestinian families which suffer from poverty and the siege. Ms. Booth is considered to be one of the most famous pro-Arab activists who helped break the siege which was imposed by the occupation on the Gaza Strip. She is currently dedicating her life and efforts to guarantee a better life for the Palestinians. Poverty and Unemployment Through its one-week visit to QC, Ms. Booth sought to cooperate with QC to help the affected Palestinian families, and to implement economic and social projects for the victims of poverty, unemployment, Israeli attacks and the siege. During her visit, Ms. Booth met a number of QC’s officials who, together, discussed the sufferings of the Palestinians; especially those living in the Gaza Strip. They also discussed their need for aids and relief campaigns because of the horrible situation they’re living in. Many QC projects were displayed during the meetings to show the important role of these developmental and relief projects in stabilizing the Palestinian families’ circumstances. Some income-generating projects implemented by QC in Palestine were displayed such as providing dairy cows, sheep, poultry, means of transportation, and others. These projects helped provide a fixed income for hundreds of Palestinian families, and helped create many job opportunities for the unemployed. In addition, it changed so many families to become productive. As a result, the number of beneficiaries increased.  Ms. Booth’s visit included attending a number of activities such as participating in an event with the Qatari Business Women Association in cooperation with the Youth for Jerusalem Association, the women’s department; attending a lecture at a Holy Quran memorization center; and visiting some senior figures. Alleviate the Suffering Ms. Lauren Booth expressed her happiness for visiting QC and knowing about its different humanitarian projects in Palestine. “After having lived with the Palestinians, I understood exactly how much they suffer and how much help and support they need. Their circumstances are getting worse day by day because of the occupation and the siege. I chose QC because I know about its excellent work in the field of charity in general and for the Palestinians in particular. QC’s projects in Gaza are very important in providing a living for the people there,” said she.   She also spoke about how when she first went to Palestine, she was surprised to see the amount of suffering the Palestinians were going through, and it was that which made her exert all the efforts she could to help alleviate their sufferings. “QC’s projects in Palestine are distinguished, and I hope these projects increase in number. I know how generous the Qatari people are; especially when it’s about their brothers and sisters from other countries. These projects, definitely, help the Palestinians and help fight poverty and unemployment,” said Ms. Booth. A Better Life It is worth mentioning that QC was recently able to implement thousands of income-generating projects in Palestine which helped thousands of families have a better life. The beneficiaries included widows, orphans, breadwinners, poor people, the unemployed and other needy categories. QC had also inaugurated ‘We Build Palestine’ campaign to contribute in the development of the Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine as part of ‘Hand in Hand We Build Palestine’ campaign. This campaign finances and implements huge development projects at a cost of 197,826,000QR. It is expected that 1,147,000 people will benefit. QC’s projects target all of the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and the Palestinian refugees in the refugees’ camps of Lebanon and Jordan.  ‘Hand in Hand We Build Palestine’ campaign was first inaugurated as a relief response to the circumstances facing the Palestinians in general and the people living in the Gaza strip in particular; taking into consideration the destruction the last Israeli attack caused. More than 2,000 people were martyred and 11,200 were injured, and thousands of families were displaced and their homes were destroyed.


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