From a House of Heat and Cold to a Home of Laughter

Debtors Assistance

Case No. : 15007

35999.840 QAR 844000.160 QAR

From a House of Heat and Cold to a Home of Laughter


Heba Al Ghandour, a widow and a mother of four children, has been given a reason to smile, to embrace life with laughter. She has been dreaming of a house, a refuge, where she and her children could feel home. The last aggression on the Gaza Strip stole her husband, Rami, from her and her kids.

The family lived in a world of sorrow and depression until QC knocked on their door of misery, and told them that there is still good in this life, and that there are still people who work hard to make others happy and safe.

Beams of Hope

The 30 year old Heba lives in a decaying house that whenever she tries to renovate it, she remembers that she had lost her source of income, her husband; she cannot afford it.

“After my husband’s martyrdom, all I wanted was a place for me and my children. They lost their father; all I wanted was to make them a good place where they could live decently and serenely. I never knocked anyone’s door. I never wanted to ask people for help,” paused Heba, then continued as she printed a kiss on her daughter’s forehead, “I don’t know how QC knew what I was going through, or what I needed. They felt me. They gave me a home, one that can make my children proud.”

A team of QC’s engineers supervised the building of the new home on an area of 80m. Ms. Ghandour was able to spend Eid Al Adha at her new house. She could not stop smiling, and her children, who were surrounding her, had the most sparkling eyes one could ever see. Look at them, and you will know the difference QC has made.

 “When my family came to visit me, I was overjoyed with the fact that they are coming to this new place. New shape, new color, and new furniture. You can imagine how happy my family felt for me,” said she.

A Happy Life

The Engineering team had already studied the family’s condition. They found that the roof leaks when it rains, and that it was falling apart. Therefore, they decided that they will rebuild the whole house starting from the basics all the way to the painting and furnishing.

Rahaf, Heba’s four year old daughter, pulled her mother’s head to reach her lips as she audibly whispered, “Mom! Look at our house! It’s the most beautiful in the neighborhood.”

Heba stopped feeling ashamed of her house. She could now gladly receive as many guests as there are. Before having the new house, she used to feel bad when people came to visit: there was no room for guests.

 “I look at myself in the mirror and I see a person. Someone who is as average as anyone else. I am not less than anyone. I am no longer living in a cave. My children have clean beds. It’s my heaven on earth. I look at my children’s faces, and look through their eyes and I see happiness. I haven’t seen that for a long time,” she added.

One of the kids jumped in and said, “We used to live on the floor,” then he pointed at his room and continued, “Now we have our own room! And beds! And a library. I am so happy QC built us this house.”

Ahl Al Ezz (the Honorable People) 

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only house QC built for the needy people. As part of ‘Ahl Al Ezz’ housing project which aims at building houses for poor people and furnishing it according to the engineering measures stated in the agreement contracts signed with the beneficiaries. This project was funded by Qatari philanthropists and was implemented at a cost of 109,000 QR for each house.

QC never stops to offer this kind of humanitarian aids to the people in need. It tries its best to bring joy to the hearts of those people. It does its best to alleviate their sufferings and provide them with healthy and secured homes.