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Today Project
1,614,813 QAR

Today Project

بناء مدرسة إبتدائية وإعدادية

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LNO : 2019/1061
1,485,187 QAR 1,614,813 QAR

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صاحب الحالة متزوج ويعول ( 2 ) من الابناء يعمل براتب محدود وعليه ايجار منزل ومديونية بنكية ويطلب مساعدته في سداد رسوم التذاكر نظرا لوجود اسرته خارج البلاد لتلقي العلاج ولا يستطيع توفير المبلغ ... More ...

Inside Qatar
4,719 QAR 4,080 QAR

Thousands of children attend Qatar Charity’s workshops at book fair

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Qatar Charity hands over glucose meters to Qatar Diabetes Association

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Community Initiatives


here is one kind of love, but there are a thousand imitations….Gift love to those you hold dear and let it shine through “ Thawab” service from Qatar Charity offers you the opportunity to share your love towards your beloved ones with the world. You may choose one of our charitable projects below to help those in dire need and dedicate it to those you care for...…Whether they still live or parted our world.

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There is nothing more innocent and sweet than listening to a little kid telling you about his bucket list. But what if this kid was poor, sick, and vulnerable! His list will be definitely different. Their dreams are but basic needs that most of us take for granted. Some of them dream of eyeglasses in order to be able to read and write their names. Others dream of new clothes, and there are those whose only wish is to get treated from a chronic disease. We have reached out to many needy children in more than 30 countries, promised to grant their little wishes, and bring them back happiness that was long forgotten. Join us today and let’s draw thousands of smiles on their faces. Let’s give them hope for a better life.

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