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Learn more about our social innovation projects: make an orphan wish become true, or left a life of a depressed needy, or send a gift in memory of your loved ones


How beautiful it is to extend the effect of a gift, whatever the occasion is. A joy of giving is indeed a gift for the giver, a Happiness to the receiver and for those who benefit from it, it is a hope and a life!. Give happiness with gifts that are impactful: Helps a widow, teaches a child, waters a village, and spreads good. Choose from integrated charitable projects, or contribute to a charity, and surprise those you care about with a gift that they do not expect, Perhaps the most urgent thing they need on the occasion of marriage, healing, graduation, or a new baby.

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"Thawab" from Qatar Charity, gives you the ability to choose one of the charity projects and donate its value to the reward of the one you love.

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In Qatar Charity, we tirelessly work to stand for those we sponsor in every aspect of their daily lives. We ensure to provide them with the adequate means for a better life. We strive to ease their pain through organizing trips, entertainment venues, and seasonal festivals. We send our social consultants to the most remote areas to assist their needs, provide food, pay their rents and tuitions, facilitate their medical treatment, and walk them through hard times. Below you can find a list of their needs and their little wishes. You can choose per country, per need, or per sponsorship cost. Contribute now, be part of the change.

Making their wishes come true
Calculate Zakat

Calculate Zakat

Our Zakat calculator is an online informative tool that assists Muslim in doing their Zakat. The calculator will help you to thoroughly understand how to calculate your zakat as well as to provide you with details about this year’s Nisab amount on cash money, gold, silver, cattle and stocks.

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