Ramadan 2018 |Donate to Ramadan Food Baskets for Families


Celebrate the arrival of Ramadan and let happiness engulf every fasting Muslim this Ramadan. Contribute today to feed the poor fasting Muslims.

Donations for this campaign have ended, and we thank all those who contributed and helped the needy

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For us Muslims, Ramadan is the perfect time to draw closer to our loved ones, friends, and family. Iftar time is everyone’s favourite, it is significantly important time for Muslims to bond. It is a constant reminder to appreciate the blessings that Allah (SWT) bestowed upon us, yet there is another part of this story, a sad one. There are thousands of Muslim families around the globe who do not enjoy Iftar time the way we do. They are poor and shy; they cannot afford a healthy Iftar meal. In Qatar Charity, we are determined to knock as many doors as possible, and bring happiness to families in dire need in and out of Qatar. Our goal is to gather families on Iftar tables during 30 days in Ramadan and provide them with food supplies and Ramadan baskets to cover their needs during the holy month.


Ramadan Supplies:

We reach out to needy families in the state of Qatar and bring them on one Iftar table. This upcoming Ramadan, we will be reaching more than 2000 families and gift them shopping coupons that include staple food such as rice, cooking oil, chicken, sugar, flour, salt as well as sweets and soft drinks. Each coupon will be sufficient for one family of five.


Ramadan Baskets:

Join Qatar Charity’s Ramadan Basket and help bring families together. We work to provide the best food items to keep our Ramadan basket low in cost but high in value, and deliver them to families who endure harsh living conditions such as displacement, conflicts and siege in countries like Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Bangladesh and Palestine. Team up Qatar Charity today and help bring warmth to Muslim families. Donate now and touch the lives of thousand fasting Muslims. Contribute and be the special one who helps others create happy memories.