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General Donations | Contributions| Help the Poor

Feed a fasting

The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner


#Douma_Cannot Breathe

To Save Lives In Syria



Ease The Pain in Yemen




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Qatar Charity invites you to be part of our donors’ community. Join our cause in helping those most needy through your generous donations and contributions.

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Fast Sponsorships

Qatar Charity offers a wide range of sponsorships such as sponsoring orphans, poor families, students, teachers and preachers. It implements innovative approaches to manage them.

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Donate to increase income for needy people. Your donation will aid them to have enough food, proper clothing, regular medical checkups, and clean drinking water. 

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Contribution Projects

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Poverty, suffering, illiteracy, lack of hand, disease and many other headlines for the daily suffering of thousands passing by silently in different places, they need a sincere and extended support that pulls them out of their lives and provides them with a decent life


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We provide care, assistance and support to those in need who allow them to live independently and improve their quality of life. Our core values are child development, defense and care.


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