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Artesian Well 60m Depth, Mali

Water And Wells / Establishment And Maintenance Of Facilities And Water Structures

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Artesian Well 60m Depth, Mali
Country : Mali
Dig Artesian Wells The Following Specifications: ? Depth Of 60 M ? Hand Pump

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48,900   QAR



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Implementation Period

6 Month

Project Description

Dig Artesian Wells The Following Specifications: ? Depth Of 60 M ? Hand Pump

Project Goals

Fight against diseases associated with water pollution and the environment. - The provision of drinking water to help the poor. - To contribute to the social development and environmental sanitation

Project Justifications

The urgent need for the region to safe drinking water. - The deaths of huge numbers of livestock due to the drought. - The high proportion of deaths due to thirst and diseases related to water pollution.

Expected Results

Availability of sources of clean drinking water. - Improve the level of health and environmental situation of the population in the region.

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