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Build A Mosque 100 M2 Yemen

Mosques And Culture / Establishment And Maintenance Of Islamic Facilities

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134,052.00 QAR 45,147.00 QAR

Build A Mosque 100 M2 Yemen
Country : Yemen
Build A Mosque With Needed Facilities, Furnishing And Loudspeaker

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179,200   QAR



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Implementation Period

12 Month

Project Description

Build A Mosque With Needed Facilities, Furnishing And Loudspeaker

Project Goals

Serving Muslim communities by providing facilities for daily prayers, Jumaa and Eid prayers, and help spreading the principles of true religion through the lessons, lectures and seminars.

Project Justifications

Shortages of the mosques experienced by the region. - The urgent need to raise awareness of the religious and tolerant principles of Islam. - The need for memorizing and teaching Quran

Expected Results

Building a mosque that can accommodate a large number of Muslims in the region. - Increase in the number of worshipers and the popularity of the tolerant teachings of Islam

لا يوجد صور

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