Explain how the expiation of the right


Islam promotes charity in a myriad of forms, and in order to create social solidarity, the holy Quran encourages us to be kind, caring and compassionate towards each other. One of these charity forms is called “Kaffara” (English for expiation).

Expiations types

Kaffara for Breaking a Fasting day in Ramadan: Kaffara is a donation of food or money to help those in need; it is made when a Muslim (old or young) deliberately misses or breaks a day of Ramadan fasting with no valid reason. In this case, he/she has to either fast for 60 consecutive days or feed 60 Masakeen (Less privileged people) per day. Kaffara for Breaking an Oath/Vow: Kaffara maybe also given when one deliberately breaks an oath or a vow. To compensate a broken oath or a vow, a Muslim should either feed/provide clothes to 10 Masakeen (Less privileged people) or fast three (3) consecutive days if he/she cannot afford feeding/ clothing the poor. The estimated cost of breaking a Ramadan fasting day is QR20 per person, which equals QR1,200 per 60 Masakeen (Less privileged people) per day. Breaking an oath or vow estimated cost is QR20 per person, which equals QR200 per 10 Masakeen.

Contribution Project

Islam is a religion that advocates social harmony and bridges gaps between social classes, and Kaffara is one way of many that do that. Cherishing our Islamic values such as Kaffara that aim at the betterment of society, Qatar Charity receives your expiations to help build sustainable projects in needy areas and promote income generation plans amongst families in dire need. Please Donate your Kaffara here.

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