Donate to Quran Memorization Centers
Donate to Quran Memorization Centers

Quran Centers

The Holy Quran is an integrated constitution in ethics, morality, and transactions. Quran teachings preserve societies from deviant behaviors, contributing to their advancement, spreading peace and social harmony.

In Qatar Charity, we proudly share our Islamic values with the world and we invite you to be part of this achievement. We are running a total number of 584 projects to teach Quran, and proudly opened 437 of them. We need every Muslim’s help to complete the remaining 146 projects. Qatar Charity’s Quran centers consist of: * Teaching basic Arabic to children and adults alike. * Teaching Quran and Hadith. * Providing lessons of how to recite Quran beautifully. * Teaching background of Quran revelation, the life of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and prominent aspects of Islamic History. * Promoting co-existence with non-Muslims, and advocating tolerance and acceptance. * Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan through hosting lectures, seminars, and Muslim community gatherings.

Qatar Charity is a Qatar registered charity (6) and registered organization 01006100

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