Sponsor a Poor Family, Bring Back The Warmth

The rates of global poverty remain unbelievably high, knowing that nearly half of the world’s population is poor where 1.3 billion of them live in extreme poverty. Partner with Qatar Charity in its quest to fight poverty and sponsor a poor family now. Having not enough food, no access to clean drinking water and exposed to all kinds of diseases, poor families around the world are struggling for survival, which leaves them to very limited and life threatening options such as child labor, organ trafficking, and modern-day indentured servitude.

Economic crises, natural disasters, and wars are other factors that undermine the efforts to fight poverty in the world, which make it an enormous task to overcome. Poverty is a form of social injustice, and it is very important to pay attention to the poor and their daily struggle.

How is the process of sponsorship with us ?


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