Sponsor Disabled

Sponsor People with Special Needs

Stigmatization, marginalization and exclusion, this is the story of 150 million children with disabilities around the world. Most of whom live in underdeveloped countries where they are subjugated to all kinds of social and administrative discrimination, mistreatment and no access to proper education that suits their special case. Join Qatar Charity now and sponsor people with special needs and give them hope again. It is our duty to hear them and restore their trust in humanity and collective work. It is very challenging to live with a physical or mental disability, deprived of basic human rights where no adequate education is provided, no medical services that support their case, no public awareness to protect them from physical abuse and social stigma. The worse is yet to come, people with special needs are likely to die young if adequate healthcare is not provided.

A committed monthly donation on a long term will protect people with special needs and bring them back to their communities as active members. Being educated, protected and healthy, they can fulfil their full potential. Your gift to them is priceless, it will reduce their social isolation and opens up the door for more opportunities.

Become a Sponsor


You can see child/family details to decide whom to sponsor.
Later on, you will be allowed to view updates,
needs, and portraits once you become the sponsor


Sponsor a candidate by looking up age, gender, or
monthly allowance that you can afford. Once you register as a sponsor to a candidate, you will be the sole supporter of them.


You will receive an annual report on the dependants you had sponsored so you can follow-up and ensure they are doing well under your sponsorship