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Alaqraboon App

Alaqraboon" app is a mediator between various needy groups and urgent cases within Qatar and merchants and shop owners who are partners of Qatar Charity, in order to meet urgent donation requests and assistance as fast as possible. The App allows submitting a request for financial or in-kind donation easily. . Once the required data is completed, the applicant will contact the donor merchant to benefit from the assistance provided.

Quick assistance

The beneficiary can obtain the basic food supplies (milk – yogurt – yogurt – bread) on a weekly basis only by registering in the application and inserting a photo of the ID card. An automatic approval service was provided to beneficiaries whose case was studied from 3 years and less, when they urgently requested food baskets or medicines.

Upload documents once

Beneficiaries can submit official documents to obtain all App features only once, without the need to re-upload documents with each application. In case urgent requests such as educational or health fees are submitted, only documents related to the current request will be uploaded.

Unlimited automatic aids

Assistance requests worth 2000 QR or less will be automatically approved without being transferred to the assistance evaluation committee if the beneficiary has an existing active profile with Qatar Charity the last three years

Follow up on requests

You can follow up on your requests, as beneficiaries are contacted directly via text messages and notifications in the application.

A digital window dedicated to the local community

View all requests for local aid in one place within the Al-Aqraboon App.

Help the people of your area

Helping cases close to the people of your area and receiving notifications about the request of any case that lives near the donor area.

Filtering aid categories

Use the feature of classifying the value of donation according to the required amounts, with easy donation options according to the value and assistance type

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