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Alaqraboon App

Alaqraboon" app is a mediator between various needy groups and urgent cases within Qatar and merchants and shop owners who are partners of Qatar Charity, in order to meet urgent donation requests and assistance as fast as possible. The App allows submitting a request for financial or in-kind donation easily. . Once the required data is completed, the applicant will contact the donor merchant to benefit from the assistance provided.

Beneficiary or merchant (partner) login

"Alaqarboon" app gives access to those in need from needy families and urgent cases so that they can request assistance and be linked to Qatar Charity's network of merchants and suppliers within Qatar. The application also allows merchants and shop owners to view their donations and various types of assistance via the app. The application offers many services that enable them to identify the goods or services that have been provided and the amounts they are entitled to.

Publish and follow up on the status of requests

"Alaqraboon" app has two different interfaces; one to meet the needs of the beneficiaries and the other is for the partner merchants. The beneficiary can submit their request by adding all the required personal data, via “My Requests” page, to follow up and receive notifications when their requests are approved. The second interface, which is for partner merchants, allows them to list the various donations or services they intend to offer to those in need.

Profile Page

The beneficiary's profile page provides easy access to the app's various services. For example, "My Requests" page, which represents a whole archive of all the requests he submitted and the related status. The profile page also allows the beneficiary to add his family members to his page and adjust application settings.

Sites of merchants & partner suppliers

The interactive mapping service through "Alaqraboon" app is available on the websites of merchants and suppliers from Qatar Charity's partners, allowing the beneficiary to directly receive the assistance he requested.

Partners page

"Alaqarboon" app gives the merchant partner or supplier an easy user interface that enables them to monitor there assistance and services that the needy have benefited from within Qatar. Also, it allows them to monitor the dues amounts for the services or goods they provided through the application.

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