QC’s new projects for Gaza look for donations

QC’s new projects for Gaza look for donations

10/11/2018 | Relief

  • QC’s projects will cover education, health, water, sanitation, economic empowerment and social welfare, targeting 77,500 people.
  • Qatar Charity thanks the people in Qatar and reminds them that the donation in favour of this campaign will continue until October 20. 

Qatar Charity continues to receive donations in favour of the “Gaza the Right to Live” campaign in order to implement its various development projects at a cost of nearly QR22mn, targeting 77,500 people of the Gaza Strip, who are badly suffering from the poverty and unemployment.

Campaign’s Projects

Qatar Charity, seeking to finance its various development projects through this campaign, will contribute to supporting students' education, vocational training for the deaf, offering assistance to university students, repairing the houses of the poor, providing adequate and safe lighting to them, providing fuel to the generators of health centers, fitting prosthetic limbs for the disabled, providing transportation for the treatment of patients with renal failure, rehabilitating sewage plants, and providing farms to poor families. The number of beneficiaries is expected to reach 77,500, with the aim of improving their standard of living.

Deeply Grateful

Qatar Charity expressed its thanks and gratitude to the people in Qatar, who began to interact with its projects, which need to be financed in the framework of the campaign entitled "Gaza the Right to Live". The charity urged them to support the campaign, which will until October 20, in order to achieve its goals.

The charity also noted that the people of the Gaza Strip are in urgent need for food, health care, education and housing, as they are deprived of their most basic rights, and struggling desperately to survive.

Ways to Donate

More information on QC’s projects, needed to be funded as part of the campaign “Gaza the Right to Live”, is available on QC’s website and App as well as such information can be requested by dialing QC’s hotline 44667711.

The benefactors can contribute to the campaign by directly making donations at Qatar Charity's headquarters, its 25 branches and 92 collection points located in commercial complexes within the country.

Also, people can easily donate to the campaign through QC’s website (https://www.qcharity.org)  and App (qch.qa/q/app).

Mobile donating is also available. To donate QR 100, QR 500 and QR 1,000, please send an SMS with code (Gaza) to 92642, 92428 and 92429 respectively.

QC’s Office in Gaza

Since the 1990s, Qatar Charity has a field office in Gaza, which oversees its projects directly, ensures its quick intervention in times of crisis, and cooperates with international, regional and local humanitarian partners.

During the period 2008-2018, the charity managed to implement 1462 Relief and Development Projects in several areas, and sponsored more than 15,000 people within its social welfare efforts, benefiting 750,000 people annually.

The joint campaign entitled "Gaza the Right to Live" was launched under the supervision of the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities (RACA) last Sunday. Qatar Red Crescent, Qatar Charity, Education Above All, and the Silatech Foundation are participating in the campaign with the aim of continuing to strengthen development efforts in favour of the people of the Gaza Strip and meet their basic needs in various areas amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis.