Two million people benefit from QC's health

Two million people benefit from QC's health projects in Gaza

10/22/2018 |

Qatar Charity provides the opportunity for the generous donors to fund other projects through the “Gaza the Right to Live” campaign.


Qatar Charity’s (QC) office in Gaza has implemented 15 Health Projects in the Gaza Strip during the period 2008-2018 at a cost of QR66mn, which benefited around two million people.

These health projects were carried out with the support from the people in Qatar in cooperation with QC’s various partners, aiming to support the health sector of Gaza, as it is suffering from the deteriorating situation and a severe shortage of medicines and medical supplies, especially in times of emergency.

Poor Patient Project

The ‘Poor Patient Project’ is one of QC’s significant health projects, through which the charity contributed to covering the operation costs of 1,155 poor patients who were in need of emergency surgery. The project also contributed to the payment for some urgent therapeutic drugs and tests, which were not available at the UNRWA hospitals or clinics. The project amounted to a total of QR 350,000.

Another project has also been implemented at a cost of over QR7mn for civilians wounded because of the attacks on the Gaza Strip. The project included the provision of medicines, medical consumables and laboratory materials to the hospitals and primary health care centers of the Gaza Strip.

The project also included the provision of a CT scan machine, office equipment, office furniture to the Diagnostic Radiology Department at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip.

Furthermore, the Harmonic Scalpel, a surgical instrument, has been provided, as part of this project, to the Indonesian hospital in the Gaza Strip. The instrument contributed to offering better services and developing surgical services at the hospital

Medical Equipment and Instruments

Qatar Charity also has implemented a project to support the health services in the Gaza Strip by providing medicines, medical consumables and laboratory materials to the hospitals of the Ministry of Health. This project also included the provision of the medical equipment and instruments to the rehabilitation service providers in the private sector in favor of the wounded and people with special needs. Also, through this project, medical equipment and instruments and electric chairs have been given to the wounded and people with special needs, focusing on people with motor disabilities. The cost of the project is more than QR 12mn.

Patients with Renal Failure

Moreover, a project was implemented to provide the hospitals with electromechanical equipment and systems at a cost of QR7mn, with the aim of providing good health services within the Gaza Strip. An alternative power source was also provided as part of this project, which included the use of new systems to mitigate the bad effects during the process of disposal of medical waste in Gaza, as well as the provision of a safe healthy environment within hospitals.

Qatar Charity also carried out a project to provide transportation for the treatment of patients with renal failure at an estimated cost of over QR 131,000

Humanitarian Indicators

According to international statistics, there is still a need to implement more health projects in the Gaza Strip, as it suffers from the shortage of medicines by 45 percent, and there is a severe shortage in laboratory supplies by 58 percent as well as some 4,800 patients in Gaza need daily access to life-saving health services for their survival. Also, the fuel is not sufficient for more than a month to run generators that provide electricity to hospitals in Gaza.

As the “Gaza the Right to Live” campaign continues, Qatar Charity urges good doers to actively participate in supporting QC’s projects and its humanitarian and development efforts to ease the hardship of the people in Gaza and meet their various basic needs.