Participants of QC's 'Give Them Your Experience'

Participants of QC's 'Give Them Your Experience' learn business skills

11/4/2018 |

  • The program works at developing leadership abilities and skills of young people and establishing a culture of social responsibility, in cooperation with the prominent figures of the community

The ‘HENKS’ team led by Khadeeja Albuhulaiqa, a Qatari entrepreneur, has participated in the “Give Them Your Experience” program, which was implemented by Qatar Charity in cooperation with the "Do Good" initiative, to learn how to set up their own business.

The "HENKS" team, made up of girls, attended an integrated program covering theoretical and practical aspects, in which they learned how to establish a successful business and open a shop as well as they came to know the social aspect of any successful business.

At first, the team leader asked the participants if they had any ambition to engage in the economic field and start their own business in the future. Then, the leader talked about her academic and professional career as well as about her beginnings in the field of entrepreneurship.

In her speech, Khadeeja Albuhulaiqa urged the participating girls to come up with creative things and make every effort to achieve their goals, noting that those, who want to start their own business, must plan, be aware of the market and think of introducing an innovative addition to their new business.

During the program, the girls participated in the coordination of roses, learned how to maintain the plants, and at the end, discussed a project to win the first position of the program’s competition.

The participants expressed their pleasure over their participation in the program entitled “Give Them Your Experience, as it provided them with an opportunity to learn skills from the team leader, Khadeeja Albuhulaiqa, a local entrepreneur, who contributed to highlighting the Qatari culture to the world and played an important role in strengthening the importance of women in society. 

The girls also pointed out that the skills they have learned through the participation in the program will help them start their careers in the economic field.

Hessa al-Obeidan, a Class 12 student at Qatar International School, said "I have learnt many skills and abilities, which will help me set up my own business”, noting that she has the ambition to engage in the economic field in the future.

For her part, Douwa Al-Kuwari, a graduate of the Qatar International School, expressed her happiness in gaining the experience in the economic field. She also applauded the role played by the "Give Them Your Experience" program in providing the participants with the information needed to establish a successful business, noting that it is a kind of adventure, which requires good preparation from legal, financial and other aspects.

The closing ceremony of the second edition of "Give Your Experience" will be held today in the evening at the St. Regis Hotel, where the winning team will be announced and the participants will be honored.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the “Do Good” initiative, has launched the second edition of the “Give Them Your Experience” program last month with the participation of four competing teams including “Heroes of the Earth”, Al Rayyan, Ektashef Deerti in addition to HENKS.

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