Asian schools participate in Friends Cultural

Asian schools participate in Friends Cultural Center’s fiesta

11/6/2018 |

Some 3,200 students from the Asian communities in Qatar participated in FCC’s competitions, aiming to develop their talents and enhance communication between them.

More than 3000 students from dozens of schools have participated in the Asian School Fiesta 2018, which was launched last month by the Friends Cultural Center (FFC), a Qatar Charity’s (QC) community development center. The competitions, held at Al-Ahli Sports Club as part of the fiesta, which has ended recently, have witnessed active participations in its various fields.

Students from more than 20 Asian schools in Qatar have taken part in FCC’s fiesta 2018, who belong to Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Indonesian and Sri Lankan communities living in the country.

The competitions included singing poems, writing stories, reading news, performing plays, giving a speech, painting, drawing, handicrafts, clay crafts and others.

FCC has organized these competitions with the aim to provide the participants with information on QC (International Charity Organization) and FCC activities, strengthen their links with both: the charity and the center, develop the skills and talents of the children, and establish a good relationship between the members of the communities.

The competitions also aimed at making the participants familiar with the Qatari culture and increasing the number of volunteers seeking to get involved in FCC’s various activities.

In his statement, Habeebu Rahima Kunnath, director of FCC said he was pleased with the great success achieved by the Asian School Fiesta 2018. "The competitions provided opportunities for participants to showcase their creative skills in various areas, and this was actually made at the fiesta," Kunnath added.

He pointed out that the center has opened new horizons for the various Asian communities with the support from the people of Qatar and has provided an exemplary model and a new culture in the competitions", making fiesta a unique event for these communities living in Qatar.

The parents of participants applauded the efforts of QC’s center to develop the skills of their children, wishing such events would frequently be held on a larger scale due to students’ interest in them.

Ashik K. P, an Indian national, said “I am glad that my daughter is participating in these competitions, which contribute greatly to honing her abilities”. He also appreciated FCC’s efforts to organize such events in order to develop student’s talents through competitions.

Myeisha Mendes, a student of Grade 2 at Birla Public School, Doha, expressed her pleasure at participating in the competition, saying “it helped me overcome the fear of standing on the podium in front of the public." She also thanked FCC for providing this opportunity.

It is worth noting that FCC is one of QC’s community development centers, which established by the charity in 2004 to strengthen the cultural interaction among members of the various Asian communities living in Qatar.

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