QC honors winners and participants of "Give Them

QC honors winners and participants of "Give Them Your Experience"

11/8/2018 |


Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with the "Do Good" initiative, concluded the second edition of the "Give Them Your Experience" program by honoring the winning team “H.E.N.K.S”, other participating teams, judging committee and program partners, in recognition of their role in its success.

The honoring ceremony was attended by Ali Al Gareeb, director of the Local Development Department, Ahmed Saleh Al Ali, director of the Media and Communication Department, both at Qatar Charity, Ali Al-Sada, deputy executive director of the Media Center for Youth, a number of officials from the charity and initiative, media figures and social media influencers.

The financial rewards were given to the winning team and other teams participating in the program at the end of the ceremony.

The list of those honored at the closing ceremony included the participating teams in the program, which are the Heroes of the Earth, Al-Rayyan, H.E.N.K.S, Ektashef Deerti teams.

Ali Al Gareeb, director of the Local Development Department at Qatar Charity, handed over the certificates of thanks and shields of appreciation to the team leaders, who presented the certificates of thanks and appreciation to their team members.

The judging committee has also been honored at the ceremony, which included Dr. Jassim Sultan, director of Wijdan Cultural Center, Ibrahim Al Sada, advisor to the Minister of Culture and Sports, Hamad Al Nuaimi, chairman of the Youth Advisory Committee of the Minister of Culture and Sports. Also, Ali Al Sada, deputy executive director of the Media Center for Youth, a media partner of the program, has received the honor.

Speaking at the beginning of the ceremony, Abdul Rahman Al Awlaki, representative of the "Do Good" initiative talked about its humanitarian projects inside and outside Qatar. These projects included the distribution of Eid clothing to 300 orphans and 500 families in Qatar and the participation in QC’s "Aqraboon" initiative and in a Relief Campaign for Somalia in addition to QC’s other activities.

Addressing at the ceremony, Ali Al Gareeb said, "The aim of the program is to develop leadership abilities and skills of young people and establish a culture of social responsibility, in cooperation with the prominent figures of the community.

Al Gareeb added that for a whole month, the team leaders presented their experiences that contributed to the development of the participants' skills. He also thanked all the partners and supporters of this program.

Then, the team leaders were given the opportunity to talk about the areas in which they presented their experiences. The “Heroes of the Earth” team leader Eng. Mishal Al-Shammari, director of the Qatar Green Building Council, spoke about the recent major environmental changes, the recycling of waste and other materials, the optimum use of electricity and water. He also said awareness campaigns should be launched to reduce the use of plastic and paper, stressing that the preservation of the environment became the responsibility of all.

Al-Rayyan team leader, Sabah Al-Kuwari, director of Al-Rayyan Satellite Channel said “our main objective is to encourage participants to enter the field of media, as it is an essential foundation for advancement and development. He also revealed a media project for students, which is aimed at developing their media capabilities.

The Ektashef Deerti team leader, Jawahar Al Mutawa, founder and CEO of Ektashef Deerti Foundation, said "It was a great experience, as we experienced the time of our ancestors who were diving in the sea in search of pearls." She added that the team learned how to breathe without equipment and participated in the scuba diving experience, noting that the team will carry out awareness campaigns to address water pollution and protect reserves.

The H.E.N.K.S team leader, Khadija Al Buhailekh, an entrepreneur, talked about how to invest human minds without financial aid and her team's desire to establish an economy club in each school. The team members will visit schools to provide awareness and training courses to teach students how to start a business at an early age, aiming to build a new generation in Qatar that will be responsible for the economic development in a dynamic and faster way.

Dr. Jassim Sultan, director of Wijdan Cultural Center, spoke about the importance of all the fields in which the four teams participated as part of the program. He also described its activities as new and distinctive at the level of Qatar.

For his part, Ibrahim Al Sada, Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Sports, highlighted the importance of transferring experiences. He appreciated the efforts of the team leaders participating in the program, hoping it would continue to have a significant impact in all its areas in the future.

The ceremony also included a video presentation that reviewed the most important stages of the implementation of the program. At the end, the judging committee evaluated the experiences according to criteria including reaction, education, behavior, and results, and then declared the “H.E.N.K.S” team as the winner.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, the “H.E.N.K.S” team leader expressed her pleasure over the victory of her team, saying, "This is an honor for me and for my team members." She considered other teams as strong competitors, noting that her team won by the grace of Allah and the efforts of her team members.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar Charity, in cooperation with the “Do Good” initiative, has launched the second edition of the “Give Them Your Experience” program with the participation of four competing teams.

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