Qatar Charity sponsors AidEx 2018 event in

Qatar Charity sponsors AidEx 2018 event in Brussels

11/15/2018 |

The State of Qatar has participated in AidEx 2018, a two-day global humanitarian and development aid event, which was launched in the Belgian capital Brussels yesterday and attended by a number of organizations concerned with humanitarian assistance and international development.  During the event, the positive impact of technology in the digital age on humanitarian and development work will be reviewed.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the event, Mr. Yousif bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, said “the charity’s participation in this significant international event comes in line with its belief that the global challenges faced by humanitarian workers are too complex to face alone as governments, NGOs or private sector. He underlined the importance of this event, as it brings all of them together to share knowledge and solutions that will help them to build a better future for humanity

He explained that the sponsoring of AidEx 2018 by Qatar Charity came as part of a strategic direction of the charity, which is the use of technology to serve and fulfill its mission and strategic objectives. This is what we found in the theme of this event, which will focus on discussing the positive impacts of digital technologies on the development of humanitarian resources.

Moreover, the sponsoring of the event was also carried out due to the reason that the charity has considerably used new technology to communicate effectively with its partners and donors, and reached out to the largest number of beneficiaries at the lowest cost. It has also been able to find more innovative solutions to humanitarian challenges, and launch better initiatives and projects that are more creative and influential.

On the sidelines of the event, which is held on November 14-15, under the official patronage of Qatar Charity, an exhibition will be organized on humanitarian and development action, in addition to meetings and panel discussions, which will be attended by 3,000 personalities interested in humanitarian affairs

Also, Qatar Charity will organize a panel discussion on the role of the digital revolution in providing access to education and employment for refugees, displaced people and vulnerable communities. It will be moderated by Mr. Mohammed Al Ghamdi, assistant to the CEO in the Governance and Institutional Development Sector at Qatar Charity.

This discussion will include the educational challenges associated with providing sources of income for school-aged refugees and displaced children and youth as well as poor communities, and review two initiatives of the charity to address these challenges.

It is noteworthy that Qatar Charity has been keen to sponsor this event and participate in it, as an opportunity to build relationships, search for new partnerships, and cooperate with humanitarian and development actors.

 The sponsoring of this event by Qatar Charity comes in line with its focus in recent years on the investment of new technology and smart Apps to develop its resources and increase its revenues in order to reach out to the largest possible number of the people in need for aid around the globe. This also comes in accordance with launching a number of innovative humanitarian initiatives such as Taqat, Rofaqa, and World Refugee School.

It is worth mentioning that this event is an opportunity for Qatar Charity to benefit from the experiences that will be showcased there, search for new partnerships, and strengthen the existing partnerships with all stakeholders that can support the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

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