Qatar Charity, UNHCR launch ‘QC4HCR’ initiative

Qatar Charity, UNHCR launch ‘QC4HCR’ initiative to coordinate cooperation

12/4/2018 |

Qatar Charity (QC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) launched the QC4HCR initiative to coordinate partnership and cooperation in order to achieve their common humanitarian goals, primarily the protection of displaced persons and refugees and the provision of a decent life for them in their countries or countries of asylum.

The initiative was co-signed at QC’s headquarters in Doha by Mr. Khalid Khalifa, regional representative of UNHCR to the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Mr. Yousif bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity.

The initiative is the culmination of the strategic cooperation agreement signed between both parties in October 2017 in Geneva. The agreement aims at the establishment of a specialized mechanism within Qatar Charity to institutionalize the partnership between QC and UNHCR, manage the files of mutual interest, and follow up details by the employees of both parties. It also aims at seeking support to provide about $30mn annually for the humanitarian projects of UNHCR through the various funding channels in the State of Qatar.

The initiative strives for bringing a leading model to support emergencies worldwide and carry out consultations and joint action in order to enhance humanitarian response and field cooperation between both parties, develop long-term joint campaigns and common activities for capacity-building of refugees and displaced persons, host an annual high-level fundraising event and highlight the plight of refugees and displaced persons.

Under the initiative, the charity will become an active partner of UNHCR in raising awareness on issues, faced by refugee across the world, in Qatar and involving millions of people in their support.

On this occasion, Mr. Yousif bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, expressed his delight at the growing cooperation and partnership between QC and UNHCR in recent years, considering them as effective means to ease the suffering of displaced people and refugees, help them face their challenges, finance and implement programs to strengthen their capacities.

He also expressed his pleasure over that Qatar Charity is at the top of the list of UNHCR’s NGO funding partners, stressing his desire to maintain this ranking within the framework of activating this initiative. He hoped that this initiative would enhance further QC’s presence in the field of cooperation to serve humanitarian issues, especially with the increasing number of displaced people and refugees throughout the world in recent years due to the high frequency of conflicts in many areas.

For his part, Mr. Khalid Khalifa, Regional Representative of UNHCR to the states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), said, “UNHCR recognizes the importance of expanding its relationship with Qatar Charity and highly appreciates its commitment to support global humanitarian needs."

"The world has been facing unprecedented forced displacement since World War II, and the support we receive from our partners plays a crucial role in responding to global humanitarian needs and saving lives", he added.

UNHCR and Qatar Charity have a long track record of joint cooperation for the benefit of refuges and displaced persons, which was started in 2000. Qatar Charity has funded 14 projects of UNHCR with a total value of more than $33mn in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Iraq, Somalia, Jordan and Lebanon.