Qatar Charity introduces automated customer

Qatar Charity introduces automated customer response system

1/21/2019 |

Qatar Charity (QC) has introduced a new pioneering service at its Customer Service Center, which is Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated system that answers incoming calls, provides instructions to customers, and manages donor relations professionally.

The newly introduced service, which is the first of its kind at the level of charities in the region, came to enhance QC’s communication with relevant individuals and organizations.

This system enables customers completely to service themselves directly by selecting the appropriate options to inquire about their contributions (sponsorships or projects), complete donation processes and receive reports automatically.

Qatar Charity has also introduced the fully automated telephone payment service, which allows donors to make payment online through a phone. This system also guides them how to make their payment safely by credit cards without the need for a customer service employee.

Qatar Charity maintains the highest level of confidentiality, meeting the ISO standards in this regard. If a donor inserts his card information incorrectly, he is given another opportunity to re-enter such details. Then, he receives a special thank-you message once the donation process is completed. In case, the process is not successfully completed, then the donors’ call is automatically transferred to a customer service employee to compete his donation process.  

The service has many important features that facilitate easier and faster donation by selecting options such as donation area, amount, and other options.

The donor can also contact by phone at any time and from anywhere in the world to make a contribution. This system is also an important administrative step towards monitoring and controlling the quality standards of the customer service staff, helping Qatar Charity improve its services.

Earlier, Qatar Charity has launched several e-services, including "home collector", through which contributions are received from donors, while they are at their places. Benefactors can also make their contributions through Qatar Charity’s website, mobile apps, and at its headquarters, branches and collections points.

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