Qatar Charity signs QR3mn cooperation agreement

Qatar Charity signs QR3mn cooperation agreement with IOM

2/3/2019 |

Al Fehaida: This agreement reflects the keenness of Qatar Charity to strengthen the existing cooperation with IOM

Dražan Rozić: This support will contribute to improving the living conditions of the migrants in the temporary reception centers

Qatar Charity (QC) signed a cooperation agreement with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Sarajevo, to support migration management in Bosnia and Herzegovina with joint funding of QR3mn by both parties in equal shares.

The agreement was signed between Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, assistant to CEO in the Operations and International Cooperation Sector at Qatar Charity and Dražan Rozić, the IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina Emergency Response Coordinator.

The signing ceremony was attended by Hamad Tami Al-Hajri, chargé d'affaires of the Qatari Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and many officials from the government and humanitarian and development organizations.

Safe Shelter

According to the agreement, the allocated amount will be spent on supporting the response to the situation of Asian and African refugees and migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 The accommodation center will be equipped with the basic supplies necessary to provide safe and healthy shelter for the families and protect them from the cold of winter, while IOM will manage and supervise the center within its competence.

This agreement comes in line with Qatar Charity's keenness to continue its coordination, cooperation and partnership with international organizations, especially UN agencies, to contribute to supporting Qatar Charity’s efforts in the field of humanitarian and development work worldwide as a means of addressing the challenges of development and humanitarian action, especially for those affected and hit by humanitarian crises.

The project, which will be implemented by Qatar Charity in cooperation with IOM, will benefit 1500 migrants from Asia and Africa. It aims to alleviate their suffering, provide shelter to vulnerable people, protect them from the cold of winter, and strengthen solidarity with them.

The implementation of the project will take 6 months and will provide 50 residential units (caravans) to accommodate migrants. The project also includes the construction of two units within the center to receive migrants and organize educational and entertainment activities for them.

Some small infrastructure projects will also be carried out for the local population next to the migrant center, which aims to maintain good relations between them and migrants and improve the security measures in the center.

Minor Migrants

On the sidelines of the signing ceremony of the agreement with IOM, the two sides agreed to develop their relationship through the implementation of more joint projects at the level of the Balkan.

IOM also presented a project for Qatar Charity, which includes the establishment of a new accommodation center for minor migrants and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina, considering their age, the need for their care, protection, guidance and the provision of a safe place for them. Qatar Charity will study the project and seek funding for it.

Strong Partnerships

Speaking at the ceremony, Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, assistant to CEO in the Operations and International Cooperation Sector at Qatar Charity, said, “This agreement reflects the desire and keenness of Qatar Charity to strengthen the existing cooperation with IOM, and affirms the strength of the relationship between both organizations, as the charity joined IOM as an observer in 2016.

Al- Fehaida added that Qatar Charity, through a quarter-century of experience, has expanded its geographical reach in more than 60 countries and has implemented projects in several areas through 31 field offices in 31 countries. The charity also established its strong partnerships with UN agencies and international humanitarian organizations, resulting in more than 93 partnership and cooperation agreements signed to date.

He also emphasized the keenness of Qatar Charity to harness its experiences, potential and capabilities for the benefit of humanitarian work through cooperation and partnership with several international organizations, networks and humanitarian alliances.

Al- Fehaida pointed out that Qatar Charity's activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 1994 and carries out various activities and projects in the sectors of health, education, culture, social welfare, economic empowerment, infrastructure, shelter, housing, emergency relief and others. The costs of its works since started in the country, amounted to nearly QR250mn.


For his part, Dražan Rozić, the IOM Bosnia and Herzegovina Emergency Response Coordinator, thanked Qatar Charity for its cooperation and confidence in IOM. He also said that this support would be used to manage the migrant centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to improve the living conditions of the migrants in the temporary reception centers, in addition to improving the existing infrastructure and expanding the current accommodation capacity in the centers.

He said that Qatar Charity's contribution came in a timely manner because there are difficulties concerning the accommodation capacity of migrants who arrive daily in Bosnia and Herzegovina, noting that that there were 4,068 migrants in the IOM-run shelters in cooperation with the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Currently, there are 3,561 migrants accommodated in reception centers in Una Sana Canton (USC).

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