Qatar Charity implements Ramadan voluntary

Qatar Charity implements Ramadan voluntary initiatives and projects in Qatar

5/8/2019 | أخبار رمضان

Because Ramadan is the month of competition in doing more good deeds and multiplying rewards, Qatar Charity (QC) continues to implement many voluntary initiatives and projects to serve communities in Qatar during the holy month and unleash the energies of youth for the benefit of humanitarian action.

Qatar Charity’s voluntary initiatives for this Ramadan includes “Renovation Challenge”, Khair Homes”, and “Initiatives’ Challenge”.

Renovation Challenge

The “Renovation Challenge” focuses mainly on the competition between companies to carry out the maintenance and renovation of low-income families’ homes, in addition to furnishing them. This project aims at providing a suitable environment for living, promoting voluntary work, achieving social solidarity, and activating community partnerships to serve the community.

“Khair Homes” is a challenge for Qatari households in community entrepreneurship. Each household designs a charity corner at home and puts a set of materials like toys and sweets, which meet the demand of children, in addition to some necessary items for adults. Profits are then donated to a specific charitable project, which is implemented by Qatar Charity on behalf of the household.

This project aims at encouraging Qatari households to support charitable work, developing entrepreneurship skills while getting involved in humanitarian work, strengthening family relations and consolidating the foundations of social solidarity.

The “Initiatives’ Challenge” is a humanitarian competition organized by Qatar Charity between several voluntary initiatives competing in the implementation of the best community project during the holy month of Ramadan, with the participation of young volunteers and social media influencers.

 This challenge aims to provide opportunities for youth to participate in community and voluntary activities and enhance cooperation and partnership with relevant voluntary bodies.

At the end of each challenge, a closing ceremony will be held to honor all the participants and supporters.

You Are not Alone

Qatar Charity organizes the “You Are not Alone” programme to promote social solidarity and compassion among the community members, in cooperation with a number of youth initiatives, volunteers and social media influencers. Through this programme, visits are paid to elderly people, patients, orphans, people with special needs, and workers and Iftar parties are held with them in Ramadan.

However, the “We Help We Support” programme aimed at integrating preparatory school students into voluntary and social activities to raise awareness of the importance of humanitarian action and its role in achieving social solidarity.

Qatar Charity, in cooperation with Hayat Plaza, organizes Layali Al Khair. This is an educational programme that includes competitions, stories and interactive activities for children after Taraweeh prayers at Hayat Plaza, in addition to holding a special programme for the ministries, through which sheikhs give lectures on various Ramadan- related topics.

Qatar Charity also organizes the “Majalis Madaris” programme, which is an educational cultural program held at Majlis of the people in Qatar, where sheikhs give lectures that  strengthen the national identity and relations among the community members.




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