Qatar Charity kick-starts Ramadan projects in 30

Qatar Charity kick-starts Ramadan projects in 30 countries

5/11/2019 | أخبار رمضان

Qatar Charity kick-starts Ramadan projects in 30 countries

On the first day of the holy month of Ramadan, Qatar Charity (QC), started the implementation of its projects in 30 countries worldwide as part of its “Ramadan, the Gift of Giving” campaign.

Qatar Charity has launched many Iftar projects and distributed food baskets in the presence of ministers and local officials and ambassadors of Qatar to some of the targeted countries.

In Somalia, Qatar Charity has begun the Iftar project, which includes ready-to-eat-meals, on the first day of Ramadan, for drought-affected families and some of those sponsored by Qatar Charity in the country. It is expected that 310,620 ready-to-eat Iftar meals would be distributed in different places of the country throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

Iftar Programme at Mogadishu University

The Somali officials participated in launching an Iftar programme at the Mogadishu University for 200 university students sponsored by Qatar Charity.

On this occasion, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Natural Disaster Management Mr. Hamza Said Hamza expressed his great pleasure at launching the project, praising Qatar Charity and the people in Qatar for their significant efforts in the service of the Somali people.

“Here, people are in dire need of such charitable projects and especially in these days, as the country is going through a drought and late rainy season”, Minister noted.

For his part, the Minister of State for Endowments and Religious Affairs, Abdul Hakim Hassan Ibrahim, thanked Qatar's government and people for standing by the Somali people at all times.

In Nigeria and Ghana

On the first day of Ramadan, Qatar Charity started the distribution of food basket to the poor and the needy people in Nigeria. Its office in Ghana organized the Iftar tables in six mosques, benefiting nearly 1,255 fasting persons.

Gaza, Palestine

In light of the problematic conditions facing the Gaza Strip in Palestine, Qatar Charity’s office started providing food baskets for orphans and families in need.

The project will contribute to alleviating the economic and social pressures on 5,866 families (35,200 persons) of orphans, the poor and people with special needs sponsored by Qatar Charity in Gaza.

The basic food items will be sufficient for families for around half a month. The project also includes six mass Iftar tables for orphans and their families.

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