700,000 beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s Ramadan

700,000 beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s Ramadan projects in Qatar

6/23/2019 |

700,000 beneficiaries of Qatar Charity’s Ramadan projects in Qatar

Qatar Charity managed to implement several projects in Qatar during the Holy Month of Ramadan this year 1440 AH, at a total cost of QR19.2mn, benefiting more than 770,000 people throughout the month.

These projects were carried out as part of Qatar Charity’s “Ramadan, the Gift of Giving” campaign and included Iftar projects for workers and expatriate community members and social projects such as Zakat al-fitr, Ramadan gifts, and Eid clothing for low-income families, in addition to cultural projects, programmes, and youth activities held in cooperation with local community organizations and private companies.

Mr. Ali Al Ghareeb, director of the Local Development Department at Qatar Charity, expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the sponsors, supporters, partners and volunteers for their efforts that contributed to the successful implementation of these projects and activities under the “Ramadan, the Gift of Giving” campaign of this year.

Iftar Tables

Some 50 Iftar table projects were implemented at the cost of QR10mn, benefiting more than 428,070 people in 35 areas across Qatar.

Mobile Iftar for Workers

The “Mobile Iftar for Workers” project was implemented through vehicles at the cost of QR620,000, benefiting 39,000 workers in the industrial area and other seven different places of the country,

Ramadan Supply

The Ramadan Supply project provided essential foodstuffs for the month of Ramadan to families with limited income at a cost estimated at more than QR2mn, benefiting 13,335 persons. Qatar Charity, in cooperation with Al Meera, distributed coupons to purchase from any of Al Meera’s branches.

Mobile Iftar:

As part of the Mobile Iftar project, 500 meals were distributed daily on main roads in different areas, in cooperation with Qatar Airways, Hamad International Airport and Qatar Power, benefiting 15000 fasting people throughout the month.


Some 14 Iftar tables were organized by the Friends Cultural Center (FCC), a Qatar Charity community center for expatriate communities, as part of the “Baraha” project that supports Iftars and other activities of these communities during the holy month of Ramadan to enhance interaction and cohesion among their members.

This project was implemented for Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Filipino and European communities in addition to Urdu and Tamil speaking communities.

Also, five Arab communities Palestine, Sudan, Jordan, Morocco and Syria participated in Baraha under the name of the "Festival of Arab Communities" sponsored by the Ideal Solutions company in partnership with Al-Dana Club.  Some 7504 people benefited from Baraha during this Ramadan.

From Home to Home

Qatari families prepared and provided Iftar meals to Low-income Families on a daily basis. Some 6,000 people benefited from the project throughout the holy month.

Providing Water to Congregations

The Suqya project was also implemented through the distribution of more than 8,000 bottles of water daily throughout the month of Ramadan in 42 mosques across Qatar, benefiting 242,000 people.

Khair Homes

Qatar Charity launched the second edition of the “Khair Home” programme, which will continue until the end of this month. Ten Qatari families participated in this programme. A closing ceremony will be held for the programme to honor them.

Renovation Challenge

The "Renovation Challenge" targeted companies this year to renovate old houses, as part of their responsibility towards community. Qatar Port Engineering & Construction, Vodafone, and Ideal Solution companies participated in the renovation of old houses.

Initiatives’ Challenge

This project is a humanitarian competition organized by Qatar Charity between several voluntary initiatives competing in the implementation of the best community project during the holy month of Ramadan. The community members, including workers, fasting persons, the elderly and the youth, benefited from this programme. Now, winners are being selected by the judging committee.

Activities for School Students

Qatar Charity organized a number of events to integrate preparatory school students into voluntary activities to raise awareness on the importance of humanitarian work. In cooperation with the Qatar University and Bayan Preparatory School for Girls, Qatar Charity honored 100 female workers at the university.

Also, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, many children of al Wakra and Al Khor and students from Asian expatriate communities participated in tree-planting at Dahl al Hammam park and in Al Wakra and Al Khor.

You Are not Alone

Qatar Charity organized the “You Are not Alone: programme to promote social solidarity and compassion among the community members.  The programme included an Iftar event organized for the elderly of Ehsan as well as an Iftar party for 30 students of Al Shafallah along with their families, which was held in cooperation with the Al Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability. The event was hosted by Mondrian Doha and supported by Vodafone. 

Also, Tawar Mall, Qatar Rehabilitation Center, the Labor Department of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, and Jar Al Qamar Restaurant participated in and supported the programme.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Qatar Charity has carried out educational and recreational activities to support the efforts of reintegrating and rehabilitating children and juveniles in community in cooperation with the Protection and Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN) and the Social Protection Management

Cultural Communication Programme

As for the cultural communication programme, 46 governmental and private entities were visited, during which awareness lectures were given by 14 sheikhs, preachers, and educators.

‘Majalis Madaris’

Qatar Charity also organized 15 majlis as part of the ‘Majalis Madaris’ programme, which is an educational cultural programme held at Majlis of the people in Qatar, where sheikhs give lectures and attendees comes to learn about the achievements and donations made by the people of Qatar outside of the country, as well as they know the needs of beneficiaries. 

Hayat Plaza

Qatar Charity, in cooperation with Hayat Plaza, implemented a charitable drive and many other events, including “Ramadan Nights”, at the mall, in which hundreds of children and their families took part during the holy month of Ramadan, in addition to the “Fast a Thom” programme for non-Muslims, in which 300 men, women, and children from 10 nationalities participated.

Social Programmes

Qatar Charity’s social programmes for “Future’s Leaders” were supported by Barwa Bank, Establishment And Authorities Security Department and KidzMondo.

The Ramadan activities of Qatar Charity concluded with the Distribution of Eid Clothes to children from the low-income families and Zakat al-Fitr to their families before the night of Eid.

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