Qatar Charity received food baskets from Stenden

Qatar Charity received food baskets from Stenden University students

7/23/2019 |

Qatar Charity received food baskets from Stenden University students


Qatar Charity (QC) received food baskets from the students of the Dutch University of Stenden in Qatar, which are to be distributed to the workers inside Qatar. This came as part of the "Our Good for our People" campaign, and in the interest of Qatar Charity to activate the role of students in the service of society, and also in recognition of workers role in local development and construction.

More than 110 food baskets, containing the most important basic food items, were distributed in cooperation with Qatar Charity Center for Community Development (QFC) in Qatar.

Qatar Charity appreciates this good initiative which instills the values of love of humanitarian and voluntary work in the hearts of students. It also contributes to the service of the local community and supports the humanitarian projects that target low-income people and workers. Qatar Charity thanks the students, the teachers and all those who contributed to this great humanitarian work.

Qatar Charity confirms its readiness to cooperate with all entities, institutions and individuals within the country, to serve noble humanitarian objectives.

“We are grateful to be part of this important initiative and look forward to organizing and participating in similar events in the future," said Dr Ivan Ninov, Executive Dean of Stenden University Qatar.

Workers are a key category "Our Good for our People" campaign. Qatar Charity provides services in partnership with government and private entities, as well as initiatives, schools and universities.


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