Qatar Charity Launches Eid al-Adha Campaign

Qatar Charity Launches Eid al-Adha Campaign

7/24/2019 | عيد الأضحى

Benefiting more than one million people

Qatar Charity Launches Eid al-Adha Campaign


Qatar Charity (QC) has announced the launch of Eid al-Adha Campaign, entitled " Qurbani Gifts," marking the start of the Eid al-Adha season.

The campaign aims to provide more than 55 thousand Qurbani cattle (sheep and cows), in 30 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe and is expected to benefit more than one million people.

The campaign includes the distribution of Qurbani in Qatar and abroad for those in countries of asylum, the 10/10 campaign, Eid clothes, and orphan's gifts, inside and outside Qatar.

Qatar Charity has extended its sincere wishes to the people of Qatar and the Islamic Ummah on the occasion of the auspicious Eid al-Adha, stressing the importance of promoting charity and advocating the rights of the less privileged.


Inside Qatar


The campaign in Qatar aims to distribute 5500 Qurbani cattle benefiting more than 65,000 people. The ‘Qurbani' will be delivered to low-income families, widows, orphans and their families, as well as foreign farmworkers. The orphan's gifts will also be distributed to 390 children, while 600 people will benefit from the "Eid clothes."

Alongside the "Qurbani Gifts" Campaign, several recreational and educational activities will be held in different malls, from which more than 4000 people will benefit from it.


Outside Qatar

Outside Qatar, the campaign targets 29 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It aims to provide more than 50,000 Qurbani cattle and benefit about 964,000 people.

This year, Qatar charity will focus on countries going through hard times, targeting the distribution of more than 3,000 Qurbani in Yemen. More than 2000 will be delivered to Syrian refugees in Turkey, 875 in Chad, as well as 1,750 in Palestine and 475 in Iraq.

Mr. Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, assistant to the CEO Operations and International partnerships Sector at (QC), said: "Qatar Charity attaches great importance to the Qurbani project outside Qatar because it brings joy to vulnerable families, orphans, widows and those with special needs on Eid day."



Al-Fehaida said this year the focus is on the categories of refugees whose circumstances have forced them to move away from their home countries, such as Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and elsewhere, Somalis in Dadaab camps in Kenya and Rohingyas In Bangladesh. The campaign comes as a humanitarian act that stands for vulnerable refugees and displaced people.

Qatar Charity provides its donors with a wide range of options with regard to their ‘Qurbani' donations, those who benefit from them and where to offer them.

To contribute to the ‘Qurbani Gifts' campaign, donors can reach Qatar Charity via its website (QCH.QA/ADHA), the QC mobile app, SMS to 92652, hotline: 44667711, QC's stands in malls across Qatar, or QC offices and branches.





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