Qatar Charity distributes food aid in Palestinian

Qatar Charity distributes food aid in Palestinian camps

9/17/2019 | المركز الاعلامي


Qatar Charity distributes food aid in Palestinian camps

With the generous support from the people in Qatar, Qatar Charity has distributed food assistance to 456 families facing tough living conditions in many camps of West Bank, Palestine, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development.

The aid, which benefited 2,736 people, was provided under the coupon distribution to those in need to help them meet their basic food needs.

The distribution of these coupons included Jenin camp, Askar camp, and Balata camp in accordance with the name lists provided by the Ministry of Development within the agreed criteria.

This assistance is particularly important in light of the economic crisis that the Palestinian people are going through, especially with the rising prices of foodstuffs and the non-payment of salaries of employees on a regular basis.

Recently, Qatar Charity has distributed 2,560 bags with school supplies to students belonging to families suffering from a challenging living and economic situation in Palestine.

The project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education, aims at meeting some of the needs of the beneficiaries and easing the economic burdens on their families.

The distribution took place in the entire West Bank, including Al Quds Al Sharif, in cooperation with schools and centers belonging to ministries participating in the project, in addition to Qatar Charity.

Qatar Charity has been operating in Palestine in general and in the Gaza Strip in particular since the 1990s. It has two field offices in Ramallah and the Gaza Strip to oversee its projects directly, ensures its quick intervention in times of crisis and cooperate with international, regional and local humanitarian partners to implement major development projects.

During the period from 2008 to 2018, Qatar Charity, with support from the people in Qatar, managed to carry out 1,462 relief and development projects worth QR662 million, in cooperation and partnership with international organizations and supporting bodies, benefiting over 8 million people and families.

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