70,000 people visit Qatar Charity’s pavilion at

70,000 people visit Qatar Charity’s pavilion at Darb Al Saai

12/23/2019 | المركز الاعلامي

70,000 people visit Qatar Charity’s pavilion at Darb Al Saai

Qatar Charity’s pavilion set up as part of the Qatar National Day celebrations at Darb Al Saai, witnessed a massive number of visitors, with more 70,000 persons paying a visit to the pavilion during the celebration period.  It received an overwhelming appreciation from all segments of society for its various interactive activates and events.

The various activities organized by Qatar Charity at its pavilion at Darb Al Saai focused on promoting the values of social solidarity, humanitarian action, volunteering, and giving. These events also concentrated on highlighting the importance of helping those in need, promoting a sense of belonging to Qatar, and publicizing Qatar Charity’s humanitarian efforts within and outside the country.

Broad Appreciation

The pavilion received unparalleled appreciation and gratitude from the public, including citizens, residents, and foreign visitors, who expressed their delight at participating in Qatar Charity’s activities, which were an opportunity to learn about humanitarian action and the importance of giving that makes a difference in the lives of thousands of impoverished people.

Sheikh Khalid bin Nasser Al Thani applauded Qatar Charity for setting up an interactive pavilion at Dab Al Saai and for its humanitarian efforts to contribute to supporting people with low incomes within the country and the poor worldwide by implementing relief and development projects. The people in Qatar are well known for doing good and donating to support the vulnerable, he added.

The pavilion was also toured by Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Humanitarian Funds, who praised the charitable and development work that Qatar Charity delivers to the needy around the world.

For his part, Mr. Khaled Al-Ajeeb from Kuwait expressed his happiness at visiting the pavilion and his pride in the humanitarian action that Qatar Charity carries out across the globe.

“What Qatar Charity carries out is something that gratifies us,” said Al-Ajeeb, praising the activities and events held for children and families, which emphasize and publicize the importance of humanitarian action.

“The presence of Qatar Charity at Darb Al Saai is very import for the charitable and humanitarian arena at the local and regional levels,” said Mr. Mohammed Ghanem Al-Muhannadi, founder of the “Al Khor Live” social media platform.

He also noted that the pavilion contributed to promoting the culture of humanitarian action in society innovatively, raising awareness among people about the importance of charitable and voluntary work, and urging them to extend assistance to those in need.

Mr. Ali Al-Marri, one of the visitors of the pavilion, expressed his thanks to Qatar Charity for organizing various activities at its pavilion, which transmitted the suffering of the needy and the destitute from all over the world, providing an opportunity for visitors to know about the economic, health, and educational crises the vulnerable face across the world.

“Mosque Building” Challenge

Among the activities that received the interaction of the participants was the “Mosque Building” challenge, in which three employees from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, the General Directorate of Traffic, and the Doha Film Institute participated. The idea of the challenge was based on the shortest time, during which the mosque can be built.  The General Directorate of Traffic was declared as a winner and all were honored with mementos at the end of the challenge. 

Community Participation

It is noteworthy that the pavilion witnessed the participation of communities in various activities, with the Indian community presenting "Oppana", a popular art, on the stage, which was lauded by spectators, including children, men, and women, especially from Asian communities.

Qatar Charity’s pavilion at Darb Al Saai included four interactive sections, which were Safari El Khair, introductory suite, theatre, and corners for children.

Safari El Khair

Safari El Khair exhibited the essential humanitarian sectors where Qatar Charity works in and outside the country. It showed these sectors through seven stations named “Water & Sanitation, Education & Culture, Social Welfare, Health, Food, Disaster Response, and “Warmth and Pease”, a Qatar Charity’s campaign for this winter.

Introductory Suite

On the other hand, there was an introductory suite reflecting the long history of Qatar Charity in the field of humanitarian action since its inception. It also showed the countries, in which Qatar Charity works, cooperating international and regional organizations, memberships, awards, and certificates of appreciation and honor received by Qatar Charity.


A variety of events and competitions were organized for children and adults at theatre, linking them to the National Day from the perspective of humanitarian action, in addition to paying attention and attaching importance to cultural heritage.

Children’s Corners

The children’s corner linked the participant to the values of the National Day from the perspective of humanitarian action. The corner suited the children in a practical and desirable style to enable them to know about education and health, and the contribution made by Qatari benefactors through Qatar Charity to the development of societies.

There was also a corner for women that took mothers back to a glorious past that reminded them of their childhood, as they found at their corner many paintings and objects belonging to the ancient Qatari heritage.

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