Thousands of children attend Qatar Charity’s

Thousands of children attend Qatar Charity’s workshops at book fair

1/20/2020 | المركز الاعلامي


Thousands of children attend Qatar Charity’s workshops at book fair

Qatar Charity's (QC) pavilion at the 30th Doha International Book Fair has held many workshops attended by thousands of children along with their parents, friends, and relatives.  These workshops are named “Read, Learn, and Help”, “Read A Story”, and “Story and Picture”, in addition to a paper recycling workshop.

Qatar Charity holds such workshops as part of its educational and cultural responsibility towards society to promote the culture of voluntary work and humanitarian action, and acquaint participants with its efforts that contribute to building an educated and civilized society in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Of the most significant workshop was “Read, Learn, and Help” workshop ,which was held for elementary school female students by telling a story and holding accompanied educational activities to make participant aware of the importance of an adequate shelter in preserving human dignity, shedding light on the suffering of homeless people.

The workshop has drawn a similarity between birds fleeing gardens due to hunters targeting their nests with guns, and the people displaced owing to disasters such as wars and earthquakes forcing the vulnerable to flee their homelands towards the unknown.

The participating girls understood the concept of displacement and asylum, the reasons that lead to these crises, as well as the meanings of the displaced, the homeless, the refugees, the suffering of these people and the importance of safe housing.

The workshop included many activities such as reading a story, drawing, coloring, and discovering the reasons of the suffering.

The workshop concluded by linking female students with a project that enables them to participate in a voluntary work to help those deprived of shelter.

The workshop was based on the book “Spring without Trees” published by the Media Department of Qatar Charity within its publications for children.

Another significant four-day workshop held by Qatar Charity at the Qatar School’s pavilion was named “Read A Story”, which received an overwhelming response for visitors. The workshop was by presented by winners in Qatar Charity’s “Future’s Writer-3” program by reading their stories.

Besides, Qatar Charity held a workshop for children to teach them to recycle paper waste and make other products like paper dividers, in addition to another workshop named “Story and Picture” that required putting a set of similar pictures in order, with the aim of creating a love of innovation in the child.

Through these workshops, Qatar Charity aims to simulate the reality of those suffering from displacement and poverty, and develop the capabilities and skills of participants for a positive competition in the field of humanitarian action.

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