Women's charity market supports "Sham Deserves"

Women's charity market supports "Sham Deserves" campaign

3/12/2020 | حملات

Women's charity market supports "Sham Deserves" campaign

The charity market held by the Al Rayyan women’s branch of the Qatar Charity Center for Community Development, with the participation of the Qatar Business Women Entrepreneurs "Raq", witnessed a remarkable presence of 500 women, in support of the "Sham Deserves" campaign, which is being implemented by Qatar Charity (QC) in partnership with Qatar Media Corporation (QMC).

The Qatar Business Women Entrepreneurs participated with 15 projects that included cosmetic and food items, incense, perfumes and clothing, in addition to the charity dish.

The charity market witnessed a great turnout, receiving in-kind and cash donations valued at an estimated amount of 50,000 Qatari riyals.

Within the framework of the charity market, Mrs. Turkiya Al-Ghaithani, a preacher, has given an awareness lecture, which was attended by more than 50 women.

During the lecture, Al-Gheithani spoke about the situation in the camps, in which refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) live, and about their daily suffering that she has witnessed during her recent visit to Turkey along with Qatar Charity’s delegation. During the visit, she came to know about the problematic conditions of the refugees and their basic needs.

Al-Gheithani also called on the participants to make their contributions to the “Sham Deserves” campaign to extend support to refugees and the displaced, aiming to ease their hardship, as these vulnerable people along with their children and women have fled their homes and are living in open spaces or abandoned buildings without their basic needs being met.

It is noteworthy that the Al Khor women’s branch of the Qatar Charity Centre for Community Development will organize another charity market on March 28-30, 2020. The donation to the “Sham Deserves” campaign will continue until the end of this month.



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