Qatar Charity implements 2nd phase of ‘Sham

Qatar Charity implements 2nd phase of ‘Sham Deserves’ for 800,000 Syrians

7/16/2020 | المركز الاعلامي

Qatar Charity implements 2nd phase of ‘Sham Deserves’ for 800,000 Syrians

Qatar Charity (QC) continues implementing the second phase of the ‘Sham Deserves’ campaign launched in cooperation with Qatar Media Corporation (QMC). The second phase, which consists of six multi-sector projects valued at 50 million Qatar riyals, is expected to benefit more than 800,000 displaced people in northern Syria.

Qatar Charity managed to deliver 88 relief trucks to northern Syria in June 2020 and will continue on a daily basis for three months. The relief aid consist of 3,000 shelter kits, 10,600 food baskets, 5,500 personal hygiene kits, 150 drinking water tank trucks, and 150,000 liters of fuel for water stations. Some 340 relief trucks are also expected to be delivered.

Mohammed Wahi, director of Qatar Charity’s regional office in Turkey, said, “We monitor the situation of the affected IDPs, and identify their  needs through the reports released by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UN Clusters, and partners active on the ground.” He noted that accordingly, actual plans for distribution and direct coordination with them are prepared.

During the current phase, the projects are under the implementation in the sectors of water, sanitation, shelter, health, food security and livelihoods. In this phase, Qatar Charity will operate 13 water stations, provide 4,300 water reservoirs, and distribute 20,500 shelter kits and 600 tents. Besides, it will deliver 100 school caravans along with school supplies for the benefit of 2500 students, and make water and sanitation facilities available for 600 families, in addition to providing clean water tank trucks sufficient for 13,500 displaced families.

Some 31,500 food parcels will be distributed to 10,500 internally displaced families in northern Syria, as well as, bakeries will be operated to benefit 28,750 families. Qatar Charity will also provide health aid, including equipment and consumables for medical laboratories and orthopedics operations to benefit approximately 438,200 patients.

During the first phase of the “Sham Deserves” campaign, Qatar Charity has implemented 32 urgent response projects, valued at 33 million Qatari riyals, benefiting 157,136 displaced families.

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