4 years of nurturing young writing talents by

4 years of nurturing young writing talents by Qatar Charity’s “Future’s Writers”

7/20/2020 | المركز الاعلامي

4 years of nurturing young writing talents by Qatar Charity’s “Future’s Writers”

The “Future’s Writers” programme, since its launch by Qatar Charity in 2017, has managed to nurture 64 young talents of both male and female students in the field of short story writing during its last four seasons.

Qatar Charity has printed 36 winning stories during the three seasons and get some stories translated into the Russian language, expecting the number will rise to 64 printed stories by completing the works of the fourth season.

The programme reflects Qatar Charity's keenness to achieve its various local development goals, including cultural and knowledge targets, under the Qatar National Vision 2030, establish, deepen and consolidate human values, promote the culture of humanitarian action among youngsters, and strengthen its local partnerships with the relevant bodies within the framework of social responsibility.

 The programme is aimed at developing the writing skills of students, nurturing talents in them, and promoting the culture of reading and writing among them, in cooperation with  the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar University, Qatari Forum for Authors, Khair Jalees Book Club, Roza Publishing House, and Lusail Publishing and Distribution House.

The program, which is considered the first national program for all academic levels within the State of Qatar, witnessed a significant rise in the number of participants in each season. Some 137 female students from 32 government preparatory and secondary schools took part in the first season of the programme, while its second season recorded the participation of 375 male and female students from 55 preparatory and secondary schools. Besides, the third season of the programme saw a steep increase in the number of applicants, recoding 1697 male and female participants from 259 primary, preparatory and secondary schools.

Significantly, the programme, for the first time, allowed students with special needs and Qatar University’s male and female students to take part in its fourth season, in which 2355 male and female students from 287 schools, in addition of the students of Qatar University, registered their participations.  

The programme has several phases, which are training, screening, interviewing by judges, and printing and signing winning books.

The “Future’s Writers” programme won the Social Responsibility Award in the category of the best national initiative during the 6th Social Responsibility Awards organized by Dar Al Sharq in 2019.

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