Free divers support Qatar Charity’s home

Free divers support Qatar Charity’s home renovation project

7/26/2020 | المركز الاعلامي

Free divers support Qatar Charity’s home renovation project

Many Qatari athletes have participated in the “Free-Diving” course, which was launched by Qatar Charity (QC), in cooperation with QatarSub, and concluded recently.

The course comes from Qatar Charity as part of its interest in youths and sports to support its charitable work and take advantage of the capabilities of athletes to carry out the community service and humanitarian activities within and outside Qatar.

The proceeds of the “Free-Diving” course were allocated in support of “Renovation”, a project of the Local Development Depart at Qatar Charity, which aims at improving the standards of living of Low-income Families by adequately repairing, renovating, and furnishing their homes.

The “Free-Diving” course was based on theoretical and practical aspects. In the theory class, the course covered safety procedures and risks, the past of free diving, the apparatus of diving for the first level, correct breathing method while free diving, and the first-level free diving physics and physiology.

However, in the practical class, the participants put what they learned in the theory class into practice, applied scenarios of several expected accident, and were trained to deal with drowning cases in the presence of the specialized trainers.

 “We feel pride in supporting various community initiatives and promoting the culture of humanitarian action, taking advantage of the voluntary potential of society,” said, Jassim Al-Emadi, Director of the Local Development Department of Qatar Charity.

Emphasizing the importance of this course, Al-Emadi said it was a successful model in supporting the projects of the Local Development Department at Qatar Charity, noting its profits would be channeled towards the “Renovation” project implemented by Qatar Charity throughout the year for the benefit of low-income families within Qatar.

The diving instructor, Mr. Khaled Hassan Al Hammadi, said, “Our participation in this course comes as part of our social responsibility and cooperation with Qatar Charity, a Leading Charitable Organization in Qatar.”

“Through such a course attractive to athletes during the summer period, we can support one of the projects implemented by Qatar Charity within the State of Qatar,” added Al Hammadi.

The participants were expressively delighted with the course.  Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Al-Jaber, a participant, said Qatar Charity has provided the best training and support, indicating that it was a new and advanced course, during which we learned new skills such as the buoyancy, weight and safety equation, calling on Qatar Charity to extend more support for such sports courses.


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