Al Meera supports Qatar Charity’s projects in

Al Meera supports Qatar Charity’s projects in Ramadan

4/27/2022 |

Al Meera, in cooperation with Qatar Charity, continues to allow shoppers to donate to Qatar Charity’s Ramadan projects, as part of Al Meera’s ‘Shop & Donate’ drive. This comes to support those with limited income during the holy month of Ramadan.

Qatar Charity welcomes the initiative of Al Meera and that of other companies that support Qatar Charity’s ‘Ramadan of Hope’ drive during the holy month, or its projects throughout the year, as part of their social responsibility.

Qatar Charity urges the people to support the initiative for the benefit of low-income families, especially in Ramadan, the month of giving.

The ‘Shop & Donate’ is based on a partnership between Al Meera and a group of leading brands to donate a portion of their sales revenue to Qatar Charity’s projects.

Besides, an initiative of Qatar Charity allows Al Meera customers to directly donate a specific amount at cashiers to help low-income families. Under this initiative, donors can support seasonal and relief projects, as well as they can pay other alms. 

Qatar Charity, through such initiatives, aims to get involved all members of the community into charitable and voluntary work to fund community programs and projects and facilitate the donation process for benefactors.