Qatar Charity launches an urgent response appeal

Qatar Charity launches an urgent response appeal for relief in Somalia

6/20/2022 | Media Center

Under the slogan "Stop the Famine of Somalia", Qatar Charity launched an urgent response call to confront the new drought, provide urgent relief aid, provide the necessary needs to those affected by the severe drought impact that is sweeping Somalia, and contribute to saving the lives of more than half of its population.

 Areas of intervention

In its relief intervention, Qatar Charity focuses on vital areas represented in foodstuffs, "the value of the food basket is 395 QR", and non-food items, which include (plastic tarpaulins, mats, blankets, etc., at a value of 566 QR), in addition to providing potable water (water tanks). worth 1,170 QR). It is also possible to donate the “Somalia Relief Package in the amount of 2,131 QR.”

Catastrophic situation

Somalia, is one of the countries most affected by drought in Africa. In addition, and most importantly Somalia is on the verge of a famine crisis that threatens about 7.1 million people. Furthermore, half of the country's population are now on the edge of displacement.

Adding to that, malnutrition rates increased significantly to the highest levels among children under five years of age and 1.4 million children are at risk of death.

Urgent Call for donation

In the light of the crisis, Qatar Charity urges donors in the State of Qatar to carry out their fraternal and humanitarian duty by donating for the benefit of the people affected by drought and contributing to saving the lives of these underprivileged and needy people from the specter of hunger and malnutrition.

It is our duty as human to alleviate their suffering and continuing to support Qatar Charity’s urgent field efforts, especially in these blessed days.

Donations can be made to the campaign through the Qatar Charity’s website

QCH.QA/SO or the Qatar Charity QCH.QA/APP application, as well as requesting a home collector service, or by direct contacting the call center 44290000 for all donation options, or through collection points in malls.


Continuous efforts

It is worth noting that Qatar Charity continues its efforts to help those affected by the drought in Somalia, as it recently provided food aid to families affected by the crisis. About 7,000 people in Baidoa, the temporary capital of southwestern Somalia, benefited from this assistance.

Since the beginning of 2022, it has aided those affected by drought, which included 21 projects in various fields and locations, namely food supply, health, water, sanitation, and shelter. Qatar Charity’s efforts benefited 438,261 people in a number of the most affected Somali states, including Galmudug State, Southwest Somalia State, Hirshabelle State, Somaliland State and Jubbaland State. The total cost of the intervention amounted to more than 8 million riyals.